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Item #: SCP-3534

Object class: uclid Thaumiel

Special containment procedures: SCP-3534 may leave its cell at any time before ██ o’clock post meridiem. An armed guard, carrying at least 12pounds of food or raw edible substances, must accompany SCP-3534 when it leaves its cell. SCP-3534 must be kept in an airtight, humanoid cell with toilet attachment, along with ██-inch thick stainless steel restraints on a ██’ by ██’ by ██’ block of <DATA REDACTED>, in case of a starvation event. See addendum 3534-1.

If containment, of another SCP of object class █████ or above, that could cause a XK event, breaches in containment sight ███, and a level4 researcher gives permission, then immediately release and feed SCP-3534.Feed SCP-3534 with all D-class personal in immediate vicinity as well as all food that can be found. After feeding, all units, not recapturing the breached SCP, must stand down. Furthermore, all units re-capturing the breached SCP must include all variants of SCP-3534 into the re-capturing operation. (Note Make sure it is kept under surveillance at all times.)

Description: SCP-3534 appears to be a male teenager, 6’11” tall, approximately ██ years of age and weighs ███ pounds █ ounces. Autopsies and x-ray scans have proven that SCP-3534 is not human, with no bones or internal organs, with exceptions to teeth tongue and eyes, all replaced by a large chasm, big enough to fit ██████████████████.

SCP-3534 does not excrete often, only doing so at a minimum of once every █ months; seemingly surviving on 1J of energy as if it was 100J. Although regular feeding must take place at approximately █ o’clock ante meridiem and █ o’clock post meridiem. These meals must contain a minimum of 70KJ and can consist of anything. Subject seems to prefer meat, cooked or raw.

SCP-3534 vocalizes very often, trying to socialize with other subjects, whom ether ignore or tell it to go away. Despite this, SCP-3534 has made a few controlled relationships with <DATA REDACTED>.

SCP-3534 can create any number of clones or other organisms, but only to the amount of biological, or edible, mass that it has consumed. Forms come from SCP-3534-A to SCP-3534-Ec; every life form seems to be readily adapted for its intended purpose, if it is being used for lifting heavy objects, it has hugely strong arms and four sturdy legs. These organisms can ‘grow’ guns and cannons that shoot living projectiles or ██████████, some even spurt out large amounts of deadly spores that melt the internal organs of anything that steps inside a 5-meter radius, as well as conceal all other organisms in the affected area. All organisms, including SCP-3534 seem to be uneffaced by the spores. See addendum SCP-3534-2 for a list of organisms, gun, assault and helpful.

SCP-3534 can, in a starvation event, release the same spores. The spores also transform the atmosphere into a substance that SCP-3534 can consume, and refers to as Biomass. This Biomass is an amalgamation of essential elements for life, including ███████████, █████████████ and bio-substances that are not fully understood.

Addendum SCP-3534-1 starvation event:

When SCP-3534 is left without food for 5 days, it loses its almost human composure in favor for an almost animalistic nature, before which SCP-3534 will try to contain itself. DO NOT FEED UNTIL SUBJECT HAS PASSED OUT. It should take approximately 10 hours, in an enraged state consuming the atmosphere around it, until SCP-3534 completely shuts down.
SCP-3534 will complain of hunger exactly 1 hour before the event, weather there is someone about or not, for about █ quarters of an hour. After which it will go silent. Then █ minutes before event SCP-3534 will try to contain itself with the stainless steel restraints that are located in its room.

Addendum SCP-3534-2:


SCP-3534-Aa: a short assault rifle, approximately 2’ in length, with ████ eyes and shoots maggots that burrow their way through armor and flesh.

SCP-3534-Ab: a longer assault rifle, approximately 2.6’ in length, with ████ eyes and shoots long worms that after piercing a target, immediately eats the spinal cord up to the brane.

SCP-3534-Ac: a pair of medium sized pistols, approximately 6” in length, with ███ eyes, that lines the organism’s lungs and internal arms with spines. While using the weapons, the bearers punched the air releasing spines from their arms, launching them at the target with somewhat accurate results.

<SCP-3534-Ad-Az REDACTED.>

SCP-3534-Ba: small in comparison to the other assault organisms, at 5’ high and 8’ long and four arms, these organisms attack as large groups with small living weapons. E.g. SCP-3534-Aa-Ac.

SCP-3534-Bb: small in comparison to the other assault organisms, at 5’ high and 8’ long and four arms, these organisms attack as large groups with two 3’ scythes.

SCP-3534-Bc: larger organisms standing at 8’ high 5’ long and four arms, these organisms seem to command and fight, both with voracity.

<SCP-3534-Bd-Bz REDACTED.>

SCP-3534-Ca: this is a large creature standing at 10’ high and 8’ long two arms and four legs, used for heavy labor infrequently by level3 scientists.

SCP-3534-Cb: a small bat-like organism is used infrequently instead of drones, when there is a situation where it is highly likely that a drone will be lost.

SCP-3534-Cc: a small plump organism at about 4’ high by 4’ wide and long, there are no pain receptors anywhere on the creatures body and produces unaltered ████, that can be consumed without any side effects. The organism also collects and slowly purifies water.

<SCP-3534-Cd-Ec REDACTED.>

Interviewed: SCP-3534.

Interviewer: DR. ███████.

<Begin log>

DR: Good morning SCP-3534.

3534: Ah, good morning doctor, I am ready for questioning.

DR: good, *clears throat*. Where did you come from?

3534: wow, big one right off the bat. *thinks*. Well… I come from a different earth, another… *sharp in hail*. That is all I will say.

DR: ok. Why are you here?

3534: I am here to interact with this world, and hide from the enemies I made, from where I am from.

DR: what kind of enemies?

3534: *thinks*. Interplanetary enemies. All I will say.

DR: so, do you have a space vessel?

3534: yes, I do. No, you cannot look at it. No, I cannot elaborate.

DR: Ok? *clears throat and centers papers*. Ah… why do you help us?

3534: easy! I was once a human myself, before my consciousness was… ‘up loaded’ into the hive mind, where I still am now.

DR: hive mind?

3534: it’s a memetic property that I use to control and communicate with all that are spawned, or connected to, the hive mind by physical means.

DR: interesting. *DR. ███████ scribbles down notes * How do you know so much about the SCPs held here to help us recapture them if they escape?

3534 stays silent, but puts a finger up to its mouth.

DR. ███████ said he felt a clear squirming down his spine.

3534: I do have other memetic powers, not much though.

DR: *clearly shaken* o, ok… f…finally what is… h… how do you create other or… organisms?

3534: hey, I didn’t scare you that much did I?

DR: n… no, *coughs* no. just answer… the question.

3534: ok, when I consume stuff I turn it into ‘bio-mass’, think of it as almost living putty, just needs a brain. When I spawn, it is like a 3D printer, but faster and more actuate.

DR: ok, th- thank you for answering.

DR. ██████ leaves

<End log>

DR. ███████ was interviewed for repercussions of the memetic properties he experienced, no repercussions.

SCP-3534 was fed.