SCP-XXXX in containment after withstanding house fire 1942

Item #: SCP-xxxx

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-xxxx is to be kept in a heavily vented 6m x 4m x 2.5m stainless-steel room. Personnel such as Researchers and Class D's, when entering SCP-xxxx's containment, must enter through a separate stainless steel corridor equipped with vacuum conservation vents, leaving two doors between SCP-xxxx and any documenting researchers. A hazmat suit must be equipped at all times within SCP-xxxx's containment to lower the risk of inhaling SCP-xxxx's scent.

Description: SCP-xxxx is somewhat sentient, appearing to be an off white tungsten refrigerator, 68inches tall, 31inches in width and approximately 29inches in depth. The tungsten object releases a thick air, requiring heavy venting within containment. Under no circumstances, should personnel of a researcher or higher be exposed to the thick air produced by SCP-xxxx, as it leads the individual(s) to endure permanent fertility issues. The chains holding SCP-xxxx's doors shut consists of micro optic nerves, exiting from the back of SCP-xxxx. All previous attempts to remove the chains have proved useless, as tool on chain contact appears to freeze the object immediately before any progress can be made. Whereas human on chain contact has resulted in rapid spreading frostbite as well as shock Individual(s) that have come in physical contact with SCP-xxxx's chain have previously show signs of nausea.

Addendum: SCP-xxxx was found in the remains of 25 Alison road, after the house had burnt down. The cause of what started the fire is unknown, the last family to live there were murdered by the father of the family 3 years prior to the burning. The father’s location is unknown. It was then taken to Site 19 for examining due to it's strange aura.

Addendum SCP-xxx-A: The following test was constructed by researcher Zed V████ due to human-like sounds coming from within SCP-xxxx's containment during witching hour.

Observational Log 10/9/1956

Subject: SCP-xxxx

Preface: A test subject (D-10926) was brought into SCP-xxxx's containment to investigate any strange occurrences that take place at the hour 03:13, the hour in-which the noises often occurred

Observation Summary: D-10926 was introduced to SCP-xxxx, the subject was then told to approach the tungsten object. D-10926 was then instructed to remove scp-xxxx's chain. The subject was hesitant to do so as he recalled hearing the screeching echo of an infant from within SCP-xxxx. With force, he followed the instruction. As the subject came in contact with SCP-xxxx's chain, D-10926 appeared to be unable to break away from SCP-xxxx. Once D-10926 had finally removed themselves, the test subject exclaimed that he could not feel his hands. D-10962 later incoherently mumbled about his "horrid relationship" with his wife, calling her such phrases as "a cheating c███" and exclaiming "that b████ had it comin". The subject then proceeded to remove his j██ from his s████, leaving D-10926 unable to verbalise what he had visualised when in contact with SCP-xxxx's chains. However, D-10926 seemed unstable before the test commenced.

Addendum SCP-xxx-B: Due to recent beliefs that SCP-xxxx is more sentient than it appears, researcher Dr Andrew H█████ constructed a verbal interview with SCP-XXXX

Interviewed: SCP-XXXX

Interviewer: Dr Andrew H█████

<Begin Log, 04:02 6/22/1982>

Dr H█████: (Mumbling) I can't believe I'm interviewing a f██████ fridge. (Projects) Good morning xxxx, my name is Andrew H█████ and i'll be asking a few questions.

SCP-xxxx: (Silence)

Dr H█████: Okay (pause) What was the family like, before Alison road burnt down?

SCP-xxxx: (Silence)

Dr H█████: I am aware that you can make noises, perhaps we could use this as a form of communication. So I will begin to ask simple yes or no questions. Do you understand, knock twice for no, once for yes.

SCP-xxxx: (Silence)

Dr H█████: I think we're done here.

<End Log, 04:06 6/22/1982>

Closing Statement: Despite knowledge of SCP-xxxx's means of communication, interviewing the "sentient" object seemed pointless and uneventful for obvious reasons.

Addendum SCP-xxx-B-2: After closing the interview, Dr Andrew H█████ had decided to leave his cassette tape recorder behind to pick up on any audio that SCP-xxx might emanate under no supervision. The following audio was recorded.

Addendum SCP-xxx-C: A group meeting between researchers was held within [DATA EXPUNGED] to consider whether or not to progress further tests on SCP-XXXX, Dr M█████ had discussed that perhaps firearms could be used against SCP-XXXX's chains in the attempt to break the restraints of the tungsten object.

Observational Log 5/23/2001

Subject: SCP-xxxx

Preface: Local Task Force personal [DATA EXPUNGED] had been sent into SCP-xxxx's containment, armed with a Colt M4, to make an attempt to break SCP-xxxx's restraints with the firearm.

Observation Summary: [DATA EXPUNGED] fired the Colt M4 at SCP-xxxx's chains, emptying a cartridge of .223 Remington on the objects restraints. The bullets froze as they came near SCP-xxxx's chains, shattering to fragments of ice once in contact, proving the idea that something could open the chains to be a useless argument. [DATA EXPUNGED] began to sob after firing the Colt M4, he proceeded to drop his weapon, [DATA EXPUNGED] then rested his head in his hand before he fell to his knees and continued to sob. [LOGGING TERMINATED]