The King's Emissary


Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:

SCP-3238 must be kept inside a ballistic glass box at all times or else it will emit a frequency that will slowly get louder and higher until the entire world is deemed uninhabitable due to the high pitch noise. The Lock on the glass case containing SCP-3238 must be checked every 30 minutes by a level 2 or higher employee. The glass box must be carefully cleaned and checked for imperfections and blemishes or else SCP-3238 will begin its sequence. If the box has a crack or scratch immediate action is required before SCP-3238 realizes the damage. The sound vacuum must be switched on immediately and 5 level 2 employees will transfer SCP-3238 to the secondary holding container.


SCP-3238 resembles a 7 inch rose made out of glass with a bronze base with an unknown liquid floating inside the stem and flower. When docile the liquid remains red. However when SCP-3238’s sequence begins the liquid turns black and flows rapidly through the flower. It seems to have feelings as the red may sometimes be darker or sometimes be brighter. Even though contained in facility B-901 the flower can still sense the outside weather and adapt its “feelings” to the weather conditions. There has only been one case of SCP-3238.