Tails of the clay-The lone platoon (Scp-705 and Scp 387 fan story)

(NOTE Tails of the clay is not CANNON)

This test is preformed on a 10x5x2 container filed whit 5cm of dirt and a 5cm tall grass whit 2 flat dirt areas.One platoon of Scp 705 where put in the first flat area and 20 mini fig solders from Scp 387 where put in the grass.

Scp 705 Solder:Sir there is a thick forrest running from the East wall to the West wall.What shoud we do?
Scp 705 General:Solder tell the platoon to go thru the forrest and to eliminate eny hostiles in the area!
Scp 705 Solder:Sir Yes Sir!

Scp 387 Solder1:I wounder why they put us here and why they gave us guns?
Scp 387 Solder2:Well i saw some Play-Doh its up North.
Scp 387 Solder1:Crap!
Scp 387 Solder2:What?!?
Scp 387 Solder1:Where up for a fight.
Scp 387 Solder2:What the hell are you talking about
Scp 387 Solder3:Hey you two are you just gonna stand there or youl help us defend!
(More GunShots)
Scp 387 Solder9:Fifteen!Noooo!

Scp 705 Solder:Sir!In our march thru the forrest we encouterd the Legos!
Scp 705 General:Our rivals!Solders how is the attack going?
Scp 705 Solder:Well we lost about 200 men and they lost 3 mini figs.
Scp 705 General:Crap!Oh i have a idea!
Scp 705 Solder:What?!What is it?!
Scp 705 General:Encircle them!!!
Scp 705 Solder:Sir Yes Sir!

Scp 387 Solder4:Holy Crap!There Everywhere.
Scp 387 Solder18:Left Flank Falling 8 Good Figs die-(Gunshot)
Scp 387 Solder 20: Reatreat!!!

Scp 705 Solder:Good News Sir!The enemy is Reatreating!
Scp 705 General:Good,Battle Statistics?
Scp 705 Solder:12 mini figs are destroyd and 600 of our men lost!
Scp 705 General:600!!!
Scp 705 Solder:Thats right.
Scp 705 General:That means we only have 100 men.
Scp 705 Solder:Yes.
Scp 705 General:And just wondering how many Mini Figs where there?
Scp 705 Solder:20.
Scp 705 General:Crap.
Scp 705 General:Get me the radio.
Scp 705 Solder:Here.
Scp 705 General:Base?Do you copy?This is platoon 18
Scp 705 RadioGuy:Platoon 18 we copy what is the situation?
Scp 705 General:Bad its bad.100 men left 8 hostiles in area.we need suport now!!
Scp 705 RadioGuy:General Sorry no suport can get to you.Try to reatreat from the area.
Scp 705 General:Not possible no way to leave the area is possible.

As the mini figs stop their reatreat and start to advance the solders stand their ground and die in honor.