Fictional creature torture box

My First SCP idea is coming. Don't watch it too much. I am underage on the mainsite, though I understand from here you may still post drafts and ideas.
The tabs aren't working, so I'll post them under collapsibles.

Old Idea:
You have provoked your gods.
Now, you pay.
Just because one of us writes about a story becoming real does not mean the story becomes real.
Screw you, narrative planes. I'll destroy you all.
Of course, that in itself becomes a narrative plane.
Let me explain.
You scientists have made such… interesting interpretations of narrative planes.
The thing is, the ultimate nature of narrative planes are STORIES.
You could argue, but that in itself would be a story, a narrative plane.
When someone tells a story, anywhere, it becomes a narrative plane.
It is very simple.
When someone writes a story about narrative planes, it is inside a narrative plane.
Narrative planes, above and below are weird.
Higher narrative planes are invincible to lower narrative planes, and so on.