The Mosasaurus God
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Object Class: Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: Due to being a Researcher personnel of level 5 clearance, the entity is contained in an infinite dimensional euclidean space located within the Mariana Trench created by the SCP. SCP must return there every week if not, reality bending entities of immense power and hostility will start repeating until the subject's emergence. It will take 48 hours to recharge.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a reptilian but humanoid entity measuring 4m tall and 16m long. The subject walks on two legs and looks like a species of mosasaurus that has yet to be identified. The subject appears to predominantly have light blue and green skin though circles of orange and yellow have appeared in certain parts but mostly around the subject's head. The subject's head is similar to a Mosasaurus skeleton found in any museum. The subject exhibits yellow eyes, bioluminescent skin and 3 rows of sharp teeth. Subject was originally discovered when 05-[Data Redacted] was walking around a lake in [Data Expunged]. The subject awoke in a disoriented state and spoke an unspeakable language upon awakening. After a scientist attempted communication by simply saying hello, the subject replied that he didn't have to even hear it to speak it. After discovering that trait, intelligence tests were conducted under the O5 council and all of them were finished under 40 seconds. Another trait the subject exhibits is the capability to manipulate things that behave like a fluid. Subject also is extremely cooperative as any test done was executed perfectly.
_Test Alpha - 29/10/[Data Redacted]_

Subject: SCP-XXXX
Procedure: The subject will be asked to show its abilities and is to be given the hardest mathematical equation for a complete sentience test. A stopwatch is given to a researcher to time the equation solving.
Results: The subject opens its right hand and water begin flowing in from the ground towards a point floating on the subject's right hand. After absorbing for 14 seconds, the subject gently pushed it into the sky where it started to rain. Amazingly, the raindrops bent away from the subject and returned back into the ground. Next, the subject snaps its left hand and time froze as observed as only 4 researchers remained in motion along with the subject who proceed to allow time to move again. D-Class agents walk in and handed the subject a chalkboard with 4 chalk and a pre-written equation on the board about quantum physics. The entity proceeded to finish the equations and finished it in 7 seconds.
Analysis: Due to the extreme utility of this SCP, the O5 council have decided to give level-5 clearance and a research team in containing Reality Bending Keter objects. Due to the abilities possessed by the SCP, upon Keter containment breaches, the SCP is to secretly aid in temporarily neutralising the escaped Keter object.

The subject is observed to have a benevolent nature as when an empathy test was conducted in 20[Data Expunged] the subject healed the wounded creature and when a D-class personnel acted as a hunter, the SCP gave the personnel deer meat to prevent the personnel from killing the deer. O5 members are debating weather or not the entity is to be used to kill SCP-682. The entity is currently working in Foundation facility as a supervisor to building space vessels to contain or terminate non-terrestrial SCPs.