The Musical

Item #: SCP-CXXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-CXXX-1 and SCP-CXXX-2 are to be kept cryogenically stored in Site-XX and Site-XX, respectively. No contact between each subject is to be allowed. In the event that the effects of SCP-CXXX cause SCP-CXXX-1, SCP-CXXX-2, or both to escape, use of non-lethal force during recapture is necessary in order to prevent a super-narrative destabilization. Containment teams should note that should SCP-CXXX-1 or SCP-CXXX-2 begin to perform, containment is likely impossible until the performance has ceased. Upon this occurrence, staff should attempt to move to a safe distance as to not be entangled within the effects of SCP-CXXX.

Description: SCP-CXXX consists of a concept producing an anomaly in two human subjects desingated SCP-CXXX-1 and SCP-CXXX-2. SCP-CXXX-1 is a Caucasian male, age 32, while SCP-CXXX-2 is a Caucasian female, age 28. SCP-CXXX-1 and SCP-CXXX-2 will, through invariable means, eventually come to be in the same place. While doing so, SCP-CXXX-1 and SCP-CXXX-2 will often perform routines of song and dance, incorporating any human beings nearby into the performance. If one begins to perform, the other will perform in sync.1 Feats performed by SCP-CXXX-1, SCP-CXXX-2, or incorporated bystanders exceed expected abilities, including acrobatic routines, incredible vocal skill, and synchronized or otherwise elaborate dance techniques. SCP-CXXX also has the potential to produce small objects or stagepieces. The origin of these objects is unknown.

SCP-CXXX was discovered when a majority of the townspeople of the city in which the acting school they attend joined a "flash mob" consisting of over 1000 people. Due to this fact, researchers infer that there is a super-narrative concept entangling SCP-CXXX-1, SCP-CXXX-2, and nearby individuals.

Addendum: Events recorded in the lives of SCP-CXXX-1 and SCP-CXXX-2 tend to line up with traditional plot narratives in musical productions. For example, SCP-CXXX-2 was born to an affluent household and at age 30 rejected his fathers offer to join his office firm to attend acting school. SCP-CXXX-2 was adopted by a less than wealthy family and showed a great aptitude for the dramatic arts, joining the same institution as SCP-CXXX-1 on scholarship.

Incident Log:
Initially, the following transcript was to be the result of an interview process. However, due to a complication in scheduling and a lack of understanding of the anomaly at the time, both parties were interviewed concurrently. The resulting incident led to an escape of both SCP-CXXX-1 and SCP-CXXX-2.

Interviewed: SCP-CXXX-1

Interviewer: Dr. Mantell

Foreword: Concurrent examination with both SCP-CXXX-2, during early testing. Current safety procedures not observed.

<Begin Log>

Dr. Mantell: Hello █████. I've come to ask you about your predicament.

SCP-CXXX-1: Well, what predicaments? I'm having the best months of my life!

Dr. Mantell: So you're telling me you haven't noticed that you tend to lead large swaths of people to join you in extravagant dance routines?

SCP-CXXX-1: Of course. What's the issue?

Dr. Mantell: I-… This is not typical behavior… of human beings.

SCP-CXXX-1: Well you could have fooled me. It looked like it came as naturally to them as it would anyone. Now I just wish love did the same.

Dr. Mantell: I'm sorry? What do you mean?

SCP-CXXX-1: Well, █████ broke up with me a week ago, and since then I've been so brokenhearted.

Dr. Mantell: I see. Well, I'm going to change the subject for a second-

SCP-CXXX-1 postulates, and begins singing.

SCP-CXXX-1: I mean, what becomes of the broken hearted?

The lights in the interview room begin to dim.

SCP-CXXX-1: Who had love that has now departed?

Dr. Mantell: Sir-

SCP-CXXX-1: I know I've got to find some kind of peace of mind. Help me please?

SCP-CXXX-1 mounts the desk, its restraints unlocking.

SCP-CXXX-1: As I walk this land with broken dreams, I have visions of many things. But happiness is just an illusion, filled with sadness and confusion.

Dr. Mantell joins SCP-CXXX-1 in singing, in harmony.

Dr. Mantell: Sadness and confusion!

SCP-CXXX-1: I walk in shadows, searching for light.

Dr. Mantell: Hoping and praying for someone to care.

At this point a concurrent test of an experimental particle beam weapon ruptures the wall separating the two rooms the concurrent interviews take place in. See final log for the integrated interview.

Interviewed: SCP-CXXX-2

Interviewer: Senior Researcher Harding

Foreword: Concurrent examination with both SCP-CXXX-1, during early testing. Current safety procedures not observed.

<Begin Log>

Senior Researcher Harding: Now, █████. You're here because you've been the center of a very strange phenomenon. Are you aware of what is causing the behaviors of you and those that you include in your escapades?

SCP-CXXX-2: Oh no, sir! I'm oh so worried. You see, if my daddy finds out what happened, he'll have my hide!

Senior Researcher Harding: Uh huh. So no current troubling situations?

SCP-CXXX-2: Well, there is one thing…

Senior Researcher Harding: Do tell.

SCP-CXXX-2: You see, my boyfriend is still in custody.

Senior Researcher Harding: You're referring to SC-, I mean "█████", the one we arrested with you?

SCP-CXXX-2: Oh yes sir. And I'm really worried that I'll never fix this broken heart of mine.

Senior Researcher Harding: I'm sorry, this situation just isn't pertinent to the matters at hand, I'm going to have to-

SCP-CXXX-2: I'm just so worried about what becomes of the broken hearted, who had love that has now departed. I know I've got to find some kind of peace of mind. Help me please?

The lights in the interview room begin to dim. SCP-CXXX-2's restraints unlock, and it mounts the interview room table. The subject begins to postulate and sing.

SCP-CXXX-2: The roots of love grow all around, but for me they come a-tumblin' down. Every day heartaches grow a little stronger, I can't stand this pain much longer.

Senior Researcher Harding also begins to sing along with SCP-CXXX-2.

Senior Researcher Harding: Can't stand this pain much longer…

SCP-CXXX-2: Cold and alone, no comfort in sight.

Senior Researcher Harding: Always moving and going nowhere.

At this point a concurrent test of an experimental particle beam weapon ruptures the wall separating the two rooms the concurrent interviews take place in. See final log for the integrated interview.

Interviewed: SCP-CXXX-1 and SCP-CXXX-2

Interviewer: Senior Researcher Harding, Dr. Mantell.

Foreword: Continuation of Interview 1 and 2.

<Begin Log>

SCP-CXXX-1: What becomes of the broken-hearted?

SCP-CXXX-2: Who had love that's now departed?

Senior Researcher Harding: I know I've got to find some kind of peace of mind!

Dr. Mantell: Help me, please.

At this point SCP-CXXX-1 takes the ID from a willing Senior Researcher Harding and unlocks the door. All four exit to the hallway.

SCP-CXXX-1: I'm searching, though I don't succeed. But someone look, there's a growing need.

SCP-CXXX-2: All is lost, there's no place for beginning. All that's left is an unhappy ending.

Other members of staff who arrived to assist with damage control following the blast join in on the following chorus, sung concurrently to a somewhat elaborate gymnastics display.

Senior Researcher Harding: Now, what becomes of the broken-hearted, who had love that's now departed?

Dr. Mantell: I know I've got to find some kind of peace of mind.

The interviewers split off from the interviewed, the former heading to the cafeteria on site, the latter exiting through the checkpoints of the facility unstopped, attendants entangled within the performance.

SCP-CXXX-1: I'll be searching everywhere, just to find someone to care!

SCP-CXXX-2: I'll be looking everyday, I know I'm gonna find a way!

Both parties embrace in a passionate kiss (SCP-CXXX-1 with SCP-CXXX-2 and Senior Researcher Harding with Dr. Mantell). SCP-CXXX-1 and SCP-CXXX-2 walk down the road leading away from the facility holding hands and Senior Researcher Harding and Dr. Mantell sit down in the cafeteria holding hands while drinking a malt shake, which is not served in the cafeteria.

Senior Researcher Harding: I… what?

The effects of SCP-CXXX cease. Dr. Mantell recoils.

Dr. Mantell: Ew. Oh my god. Ew. Ew, ew, ew.

<End Log>