SCP 4000-1-Steampunk Virus

Item #:4000 SCP-4000-1

Object Class:Keter

Special Containment Procedures:SCP-4000-1 is impossible to contain at the moment,avoid at all costs

Description:Scp 4000-1 is one of the 2 Tech Viruses captured from ███████'s Lab,while the other eludes us,The Steampunk Virus is a very deadly virus that turns a man into a killing steampunk machine unlike the Clockwork Virus. The process is very quick,and is virtually painless and it is impossible to contain,and the virus is spread by the victims injecting them with a needle filled with the virus. The infected look like Terminators if they were Steampunk. The Infected are a hive mind,they do the same thing,we do not know where the head is,every time we think we have found it,it was just a tiny HQ. So far we have recorded at least 250 million infected with the virus we have captured at least 1.5 million,and they have blown up Site-REDACTED. Soon,it had gotten on the internet and had started to hack computers of The SCP Foundation,we caught it,we think it was trying to free all the SCPs in multiple facilities,it has taken many computers,exploding them and taking many lives. In Event-████ a message appeared on many TV shows, saying: "You Humans think you have not harmed the world. You Are wrong. You will learn the errors of your ways.-4000" We are still trying to get to capturing SCP-4000. Attacks have been reported by multiple people,it has attacked people in public places,we may up the class from blue to red,it was a White Class event. Dr.██████ had tried to interview one of the humans,the doctor was killed.
ADDENDUM:THIS HAS BEEN UPGRADED TO A RED CLASS KETER,AVOID AT ALL COST. 4/19/18 On 4/19/18 SCP-4000-1 had been upgraded after a White Class Red Event. 1 billion people had been killed,we will not go into detail about what had happened because even SCP Witnesses could not have explained it (though it will be in the administrator and O5-0) ,we must capture and avoid this thing,because it has been very deadly. Never approach shady alleyways with a moving shadow in it,you may die or be infected. Avoid major cities and apartment buildings,that is where the virus will target. Unless you are a Guard or heavily armed you must not go into Major Buildings or Major Cities