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SCP-3186 Handling

Item #: SCP - 3186

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP - 3186 is to be kept in a 1M x 1M x 1M Cell, reinforced by steel at Site - ██. No more than three (3) Personnel may enter the Cell when testing or Re-containing and must wear Leather Gloves and a pair of Sunglasses at all times while handling SCP - 3186.

Description: SCP - 3186 is a sheet of plain Paper with one (1) black dot in the center. SCP - 3186 owns a unique ability to teleport within a 8046M radius when not contained within steel. when any Subject tries to touch SCP-3186 they're hands are severed off and the Subject within one (1) minute dies.

When any Subject within a 0.91M radius looks at SCP - 3186 they will show symptoms of a fever with rashes on the chest and back of the body, the Subject then dies after three (3) days. All attempts to cure any Subject that has looked at SCP - 3186 have failed, any Subjects wearing Sunglasses while looking at SCP - 3186 resemble no effects of a fever or rash what so ever.