The Psychotic Tunnel

Item #: SCP-3526

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Area is to be closed off from public with guards patrolling the perimeter. guards are to be switched out every three hours to avoid being affected by SCP-3526

Description: Object represents that of a normal rain tunnel made of concrete with the entrance starting at the end of a drainage ditch located in Phoenix Arizona. SCP-3526 was officially discovered by the foundation after Dr.Dalgord and Dr.███ investigated the area upon hearing rumors of strange and supernatural occurrences. Once entering the tunnel or spending an extended amount of time in the ditch zone, victims will feel compelled to go deeper and deeper into the tunnel. Upon spending [DATA EXPUNGED] hours within subjects will start to experience symptoms of psychosis, hallucinating heavily and becoming delusional saying unusual things about SCP-3526 and may become violent. At this point Authorized personnel are permitted to escort the victim, now referred to as SCP-3526-1 to be institutionalized or in severe cases exterminated.

Addendum 3526-1 Victim