The Rabbits of 3 Worlds
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Item#: 8654
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Nickname: SpringHoof

Containment Site: Site 19

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-8654 must only be let out while SCP-8654-B is active. It may not enter rooms with a level 4 lock or higher. It may only be let out during the day and only at night with supervision. In the event of a New Staff Tour,1 SCP-8654 is to be locked in its chamber with the chamber's soundproof door installation.

Description: SCP-8654-A and SCP-8654-B are two entites that exist within one body (SCP-8654-1). SCP-8654-1 by itself is a deactivated robot and does not possess any properties other than holding SCP-8654-A and SCP-8654-B, and mainly resembles Springtrap from Five Nights at Freddy's 3. SCP-8654 was first discovered lurking around in the last episode of the 2nd season of a popular TV show designed for girls, [DATA EXPUNGED], meaning SCP-8654 is capable of existing within digital media.

Item#: 8654-A
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

After SCP-8654-B was activated, SCP-8654-A can only be activated by certain means:
After SCP-8654-B has fallen asleep, attempt to wake it back up. After multiple attempts, SCP-8654 will broadcast the message "I'm sorry. SpringHoof is currently offline. Either wait until 6:00 AM or wake up SpringHoof in an emergency. SpringHoof knows when there's an emergency."
Further attempts at waking up SCP-8654 while not in the event of an emergency will wake up

SCP-8654-A is bulletproof to most modern weaponry, and has the IQ of a gorilla. It can easily follow commands if asked to do so in a friendly manner, but will not hesitate to attack if it feels threatened.

SCP-8654-1 looks like Springtrap, as previously mentioned, but it has extra tatters on it. A few examples are a large tear on the torso, starting from the top left of the torso to the bottom right, and a tear connecting the eyes.

SCP-8654, being controlled by SCP-8654-A, was found in ███ ████ City, lurking within dark alleyways. Those who looked at SCP-8654-A were reported to have a sudden hatred for all life until they looked away. The only way that SCP-8654 was contained was via peaceful methods.

SCP-8654-B has been allowed to have "field trips" to other SCP sites and has made friends there as well.

SCP-8654-B has made friends with SCP-131-A and SCP-131-B. It's heightened senses have also discovered SCP-131-C.

SCP-8654-B has a library of songs that it has heard before. Certain songs contained within this library have anomalous properties if played through this library. Just playing the song does not activate the properties, although if SCP-8654-B moves its body in a certain manner (a manner that is also learned along with the song) then the properties manifest. The library can only be read and accessed by
SCP-8654-B, and each song has a power level. There are songs that don't have any properties whatsoever.

SCP-8654-B's A.I. was duplicated in case SCP-963-1 took over SCP-8654-B's mind during a test. SCP-963-1 was unable to do so, and the copy of SCP-8654-B's A.I. was put in storage.

After it was discovered SCP-8654-B can "delete" usually undeletable "code" from its system, multiple tests have been put forward regarding SCPs that have cognitohazards or some form of property that involves affecting an individual. SCP-8654-B's current data was copied to the stored copy of its A.I. in case something went wrong.

Results: SCP-8654-B deleted the data involved with SCP-023's ability from its system and created an immunity to the effect as well. It now appears SCP-023 has a pet-like relationship with SCP-8654-B.


We have uncovered a diary by you that was discovered in your chamber after the investigation of the LTF Foundation. The contents of the diary require an interview. Please head to Dr. Gear's office as soon as possible.

Failure to do so will result in consequences.

So, after the LTF Investigation, LTF-8654 was allowed to show me around LTF Site 19.
There were many LTFs, some completely unique, and some that are just copies of SCPs. Although…
Some looked familiar to me. They definitely didn't ACT familiar, though. Some that looked familiar are LTF-173, LTF-049, LTF-096 (mostly), LTF-714, LTF-005, LTF-N1GH7M4R3-M00N (what a weird name), and LTF-007.

So, someone named Dr. Sparkle showed up to chat with me. She didn't look familiar, but that name…
Not the Dr. part, but the Sparkle part. I know someone with that last name. The thing is, they're not in this world. I doubt that she's even in the LTF's world. At least, not the someone I remember. It's like this memory doesn't want to come out and show itself.

Something completely unrelated, but I wonder if there's an LTF-963-1.