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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be kept in a 5 x 6 meter Humanoid Containment Unit located at Site-17. It is to be given three meals daily, in accordance with Foundation-employed dietitian guidelines. Subject's cell is to be furnished with a bed, a white-board, one dry-erase red marker, two (2) comic books changed weekly, and a small collection of Foundation approved action figures a single Foundation approved action figure. See Incident-12-XXXX for elaboration on entertainment items.

Foundation Personnel entering the subject's cell or interacting directly with SCP-XXXX must be of religious faith and follow standard issue demonic cleansing prior to and post SCP-XXXX engagement. Both the exterior and interior entrance must have either of the following items attached to or scattered around it's perimeter: three (3) teaspoons of Holy Water, silver fillings, blessed salt, and Math Homework above a fourth-grade level. The cell itself is surrounded by two (2) meters of pure iron.

Should a containment breach seem likely despite the above precautions, personnel may activate the four (4) emergency Scranton Reality Anchors located above and below the subject's cell. As this tends to cause excruciating pain and possible death for SCP-XXXX, this option is not recommended barring emergency situations.

Disciplinary actions should be handled following the NAUGHTY-Protocol.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a young male of American descent, appearing to be approximately eight to nine years of age, 1 m (3.2 ft) tall and weighs 37 kg (82 lbs). Despite physical assessments showing the subject to be in good health, it's skin retains a pale complexion due to a notable lack of blood within it's body.

SCP-XXXX is adorned with a cheaply made Halloween costume in the semblance of the Christian Devil, complete with an exaggerated red mask and horns. Chemical testing from pieces of the mask has found that it is a mold of commercial plastic, though quick to repair itself when damaged. The purpose of the mask seems to be primarily for hiding it's identity as all attempts at removing or accurately depicting it's facial features in scanning images have resulted in failure. Despite this, two pinprick of light can be seen behind the recesses of the mask eye-openings on close inspection.

SCP-XXXX is capable of speaking in English, though in some cases may lapse into pig-latin when frustrated. The mask does not seem to interfere in the subjects attempts to eat or drink, and in fact molds itself so as to mimic the actions required to do so. Interviews with SCP-XXXX have led to the prevailing belief that the mask may be tied to the source of it's anomalous properties, though personnel are encouraged to take caution when willingly given information from the subject.

Typical behavior of SCP-XXXX is the use of it's various anomalous abilities and behaviors in the attempt to tease, prank, and frustrate Foundation personnel. In addition, SCP-XXXX has come to expect disciplinary measures in return, often goading personnel if it feels that the measures are inadequate and throwing relatively benign tantrums not uncommon to children it's age when appeased. These events usually occur after a week-long period of relative compliance towards Foundation personnel and guidelines, followed by targeted mischief of varying degrees, ad nauseum. Containment procedures have limited the scope of it's activities to it's cell, but all personnel must take due precautions during these noted time-frames.

Following Incident-33-XXXX, the NAUGHTY-Protocol has been implemented as a tool for both old and newer personnel in handling disciplinary actions.

Addendum XXXX.1: Discovery

SCP-XXXX was discovered when reports of a haunted elementary school in █████, Maine made county news after the disappearance of three faculty members and one of it's students on 10/31/████. Despite the investigation efforts from MTF-Epsilon 6 (Village Idiots), they were unable to locate the missing individuals within the school-grounds. It was only while the task-force suffered an engine failure on-route to pick up that SCP-XXXX was found, having apparently stolen-away within the engine compartment. SCP-XXXX was then willingly transferred to Foundation Custody following the arrival of additional units.

Addendum XXXX.2: Interview(s)

Interviewer: Researcher Cano

Interviewed: SCP-XXXX


Researcher Cano: Hello XXXX. I was hoping we could start this interview by having you state your name prior to entering into our custody.

XXXX: [In a high pitched voice] I was hoping we could start this interview blehblebleh!

Researcher Cano: Now, now XXXX, I understand that this may be confusing for you-

XXXX: [Continuing in a high pitched voice] I understand this may be confusing blehblebleh!

Researcher Cano: I must say I am blehblebleh.

[Researcher Cano pauses]

Researcher Cano: XXXX did you blehblebleh? blehblebleh? blehblebleh!

XXXX: [Laughing] That's rude!

[Researcher Cano rushes out of room and the containment cell is locked down]


Researcher's Note: Following this Interview, Researcher Cano was incapable of intelligible speech for three hours. Luckily for us the effect didn't extend towards written communication, or we'd have been seriously concerned. As a matter of safety, Cano relieved of rotation until further review.