The Reality Headset
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Item #: SCP-4527 May change when posted.

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4527 is to be kept in a 1m by 1m by 1m steel container in a 7m by 7m by 7m cell in Site #46. A mirror is to cover the entirety of the right wall of SCP-4527's containment cell. SCP-4527's cell is to be guarded by two level-2 Security personnel during testing and can only be accessed by level-3 personnel.

Subjects are to be given Class-A amnestics after directly viewing SCP-4527 for more than 100 seconds. Subjects who wear SCP-4527 for more than 10 minutes are to be given Class-B amnestics immediately after testing. If by chance SCP-4527 is to breach containment, all involved personnel are to be terminated without hesitation and SCP-4527 is to be covered with a simple blanket and returned to its containment cell.

All instances of SCP-4527-1 that have rememberd their true identity are to be placed under intense supervision in a padded 10m by 10m by 10m containment cell adjacent to SCP-4527's containment cell with nothing inside of them. Must be forced into straitjackets and given Class-C amnestics.

Description: SCP-4527 is a cordless black Oculus virtual reality headset. SCP-4527 has no visible headphones attached to it. All attempts to take apart SCP-4527 have resulted in failure.

After being worn for 5 seconds it will activate. Subjects say they see everything around them as normal. Once a subject sees their body in the mirror of the cell they notice that it has changed into who they truly desire to be. The ranges of the changed views are infinite due to each subject having their own desires. This includes objects which may have anomalous properties as well. The anomalous effects seem to be only view-able through the wearer of SCP-45271. If SCP-4527 is worn for 10 minutes or longer the wearer will suddenly appear normal to them but will see themselves affected by their phobia in some shape or form.

After SCP-4527 is removed2, the wearer will show signs of addiction towards SCP-4527. They will attempt to reacquire the headset at all costs until falling asleep from exhaustion. These syndromes do not show up for subjects who wore SCP-4527 for 10 minutes or longer, instead they show syndromes of major anxiety and phobia towards the headset. All subjects who wear SCP-4527 for less than 10 minutes are to be deemed SCP-4527-1. All subjects who wear SCP-4527 for 10 minutes or longer are to be deemed SCP-4527-2.

After SCP-4527-1 falls asleep it will go into a coma for 12 hours. During this coma SCP-4527-1's body will undergo a physical change into what it appeared as through the headset. Once SCP-4527-1 awakens, all of it's memories will have been replaced with fabricated memories and will have lost recollection of it's entire past identity. If SCP-4527-1 viewed themselves with anomalous abilities or properties while wearing SCP-4527 they will gain those abilities and properties as well3.

SCP-4527-2 will show the same symptoms as SCP-4527-1 except the physical changes are connected to SCP-4527-2's phobia. Physical changes so far have included spider bites appearing all over SCP-4527-2's body (subject diagnosed with arachnophobia), sudden small holes appearing on knees, elbows, hands, feet and forehead (subject diagnosed with trypophobia) and extremely hastened aging (subject diagnosed with gerascophobia). Most instances of SCP-4527-2 die while in it's transition. If an instance of SCP-4527-2 survives it will show intense phobia towards itself. After 15 minutes it will suffer a fatal cardiac arrest.

Instances of SCP-4527-1 can remember their true identity when put under large amounts of stress. If SCP-4527-1 does remember it's true identity, it will become extremely violent towards any living organism within it's vision. This is especially dangerous if SCP-4527-1 has gained anomalous abilities or properties. After 15 minutes SCP-4527-1 will become extremely depressed and suicidal and will attempt anything to cease living.

SCP-4527's Discovery: SCP-4527 was discovered in apartment #██ in ████ ██████, ██████. Local police responded to a report about a gunshot in said apartment complex. SCP-4527 was located in the bedroom next to the body of a biped feline humanoid with a bullet wound in it's head and a handgun in it's left hand. The SCP Foundation was informed of this and MTF was sent to contain the artifact. A note was found near SCP-4527 which read "The new reality is upon us. Finally us dreamers can see the light, and truly be which God intended us to be. Judgement day shall be beautiful.". SCP-4527 was contained shortly after and the body was incinerated. All personnel involved in the retrieval of SCP-4527 were instructed to go through a mental health check.

Test Log 1 - █/██/████

Subject: SCP-4527.
Procedure: A nano camera was placed inside of SCP-4527 to view through one of the lenses while worn by D-5639.
Results: D-5639 viewed themselves as a young teenage girl. Was not view-able through the nano camera.
Analysis: The anomalous effect is only view-able to the wearer of SCP-4527.

Test Log 2 - █/██/████

Subject: SCP-4527.
Procedure: Attempted to remove the lenses of the headset.
Results: Unable to remove or cause damage to the lenses.
Analysis: SCP-4527 may be damage resistant.

Test Log 3 - █/██/████

Subject: SCP-4527.
Procedure: Fired 18 bullets, a flamethrower, lasers and caustic gas at SCP-4527.
Results: All attempts to damage SCP-4527 have failed.
Analysis: SCP-4527 is most likely invulnerable.

Test Log 4 - █/██/████

Subject: SCP-4527-1 (D-████).
Procedure: Had SCP-4527-1 use it's telekinesis to lift a large concrete block.
Results: SCP-4527-1 successfully moved the concrete block via telekinesis, however the strain of lifting the block triggered it's real memories somehow and it killed 16 personnel before committing suicide.
Analysis: SCP-4527-1 is neutralized.

Addendum 1: SCP-4527 is capable of transforming humans into beings with the ability to cause a K-Class scenario or even beings who can stop K-Class scenarios. Subjects are now to be interviewed about what they most desire to be before testing by Site #46 Director.

Addendum 2: Latest test on D-83011 has resulted in it disappearing completely. A new celestial body has appeared in the Capricorn constellation.