The Scarlet Prince-1

Item #: SCP-4625

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4625 is to be contained in 10m x 10m x 10m .12m thick steel cube on Site ██. The cube has a removable top hatch that is 2m wide and 3m long that is remotely activated. The cube is to be filled all the way to the 7m mark in the cube with seawater and refilled every 2 weeks or when the need arises. Lv. 3 clearance is required to be in the research lab near SCP-4625. No personnel are allowed to touch the containment system without thermal gear on them out of fear of freezing caused by SCP-4625 through the walls of the steel cube. Any personnel who are caught touching the cube without proper gear are to be banned from SCP-4625's area indefinitely. If there is ice that is not on the steel cube, such as the floor, all personnel are to evacuate from the area and lock it down for two hours.

SCP-4635 must be removed from the tank with a crane that has a 5m long heated thermal titanium chain harness to prevent freezing by SCP-4625. SCP-4625 often goes into the chain harness itself, so no persuasion is needed for it to come out for testing. In instances when SCP-4625 doesn't willing leave its container, staff are to use flamethrowers to melt SCP-4625 down to SCP-4635-1 and retrieve it out of the tank by hand.

Description: SCP-4625 is a mass of ice closely resembling a polar bear in build. It is 2.6m long, 1.6m in height and .9m wide. It typically has no features on its body and simply has 4 legs and head. Even without eyes, it still shows the ability to see by way of anomalous means. The ice that makes up SCP-4625 is completely smooth under normal conditions. If removed it is from the tank and seems to have become more rugged or has obtained more detail resembling a polar bear, it is to be put back into the tank immediately and all personnel are to leave the area and go into lockdown for 2 hours.

SCP-4625 ice abilities are paranormal but have restrictions on how it is spread. In its normal form, SCP-4625 can spread ice onto whatever it touches at will. Along with this, it has no limitation to the amount of it can produce. However, it can't suddenly make ice appear in any location. It must have a physical tie to it. Its body and ice only it makes can be used to further spread ice. This has been observed as SCP-4625 has always created a second layer of blue ice on the already iced floors of its arctic style testing facility and spread that layer to its desired location. Observations also show that making another layer isn't what it does every time it wants to use its ice powers, as all of SCP-4625's blue ice is a single layer and can be reused anytime. Ice SCP-4625 makes can also be reabsorbed into its body mass, but SCP-4625 shows no change in size when it does this. With the ices unique connection to SCP-4625 and odd-color, it was also expected that the ice was anomalous, but it has been shown to be normal in all ways bar coloring through testing.

SCP-4625 also has an "Enhanced" Form where its ice abilities and physical appearance are changed. This form is considered SCP-4625-2. SCP-4625-2 body becomes more rugged and detailed, starting to form eyes, ears, teeth, paws, and claws along with fur textures that seem to be that of a polar bear. This transformation has been observed to take around 20 minutes to be finished. In this form, the physical presence of SCP-4625-2 makes the air around it nearly -200 degrees Fahrenheit. Due to this, it can't be melted, with intense heat not even being able to cancel out the cold atmosphere around SCP-4625-2. The ice SCP-4625-2 has anomalous properties, as it is unmeltable and unbreakable. It also seems to lose a certain amount of control of its ice as its presence freezes anything in its vicinity. The ice SCP-4625 makes in this form is to be considered SCP-4625-3. The ice will revert back to normal after SCP-4625-2 has reverted back to SCP-4625, which takes around 2 hours.

SCP-4625 is technically not alive, as it is completely ice, but it does react to stimuli and has been observed to have higher-level thought. However, it doesn't eat, breath or have any organic material in it.


When removed from its containment tank, SCP-4625 is placed in a 15m*15m*15m room that has been repurposed as an arctic habitat that has a constant temperature of -20 Celsius. In this room is a saltwater swimming pool, camera to survey SCP-4625 and a large aquarium filled with many arctic fish species along with a constant supply of fish feed.

SCP-4625 has an above-average intelligence, having been seen playing with balls of ice it made and doing tricks with it such as balancing it on the area where a nose would be, mimicking seal and sea lions from videos that it had been shown and even been seen decorating its habitat and aquarium with miniature to full-sized ice statues of arctic wildlife such as walruses, seals and polar bears with skill and detail comparable to that of a 12 yr old child.

SCP-4625 has been seen to accept people and animals into its habitat. It will tend to not interact with species of from the Arctic and has shown little aggression, only getting defensive if any creature comes to close to its aquarium. Humans tend to be a bit harder for SCP-4625 to accept and maybe coerced out by attempts at intimidation, such as SCP-4625 standing on its hind legs, SCP-4625 slowly spreading ice toward the subject feet and in one extream case, ice barricades that completely blocked the subject from entering the room.

It is unknown as to why SCP-4625 stop certain people from entering its habitat as it lets a multitude of other people enter unopposed. Many who entered are ignored by SCP-4625 but will allow the subject to interact with it if they choose so. It has allowed people to touch, put water on it, ride it and even play with it in some rare cases. However, subjects who approach the fish tank are blocked as SCP-4625 will quickly move in the way of the subject or put an ice wall between them and the tank.

This was first discovered after a D-class subject was sent in to feed the fishes and was quickly stopped by SCP-4625 with the threat of slowly approaching ice. The subject dropped the fish feed during his escape and SCP-4625 was observed to pick up the fish feed with an icy tendril it had created and proceeded to feed the fish itself. With this discovery, more intense testing is planned for SCP-4625 to see the limit of its intelligence.

*Discovery:** SCP-4625 was discovered by a small group of fishers in the █████ ███. It was originally sighted by the crew on a small iceberg simply floating near the boat. The area in question was also far from any ice mass and there were no other icebergs near the one SCP-4625 was resting upon. This has led to the conclusion that SCP-4625 made its own iceberg as a way of transportation, or as a resting place. Tests to see wheater SCP-4625 can maneuver ice similar to that of a boat are being discussed.

The witness's on the boat stated that they first caught glimpse of SCP-4625 after it first began moving around its iceberg, which was approximately 10m away from the boat, and couldn't originally tell it was a sentient being as it only looked like ice that was shifting around. They soon realized it was, in fact, a creature when witnesses claimed it stood on its hind legs and looked toward the boat. After this, the boat's captain stated he shouted, "IT'S A DAMN FUCKIN' ICE YAK!!" He then said he immediately begin piloting the boat away from the iceberg. A few seconds after the boat began moving, the captain claimed he had lost all ability to steer and the ship began losing speed. People on the deck then began realizing that the sides of the boat were being rapidly covered with ice. Approximately 30 seconds later, the entire exterior of the boat was frozen and it was completely stopped. No one was frozen during the event and the interior of the boat was completely unharmed.

All people in the incident reported it to the government and were all administered class-1 anesthetics. A helicopter capture team of 6 went and melted SCP-4625 with flamethrowers after a satellite located its iceberg. SCP-4625 was immediately vaporized from the heat of the flamethrowers and all that was left of SCP-4625 was an unmeltable and unbreakable ice sphere that has been named SCP-4625-1 and is classified as safe. The ball is 4 inches in diameter and 4 inches in height. SCP-4625-1 is incapable of freezing anything but has a constant temperature of 20 degrees Fahrenheit. After SCP-4625-1 is placed back into any body of water, SCP-4625 is quickly reformed in under 10 minutes. Tests also show that it naturally reforms without the assistance of water, but the process takes nearly 8 hours to be completed.

SCP-4625-2: SCP-4625's change into SCP-4625-2 usually once every 2 weeks. Researchers have no idea as to why or how it happens. Theories have been primarily skeptical with educated guesses, such as it's a build-up of ice from SCP-4625-1 or it's a way to terraform an area.

If SCP-4625 is seen transforming into SCP-4635-2 while in its Free roam facility, all staff are to evacuate. After coming back from the evacuation when SCP-4625-2 has reversed back into SCP-4625, staff are to defrost any and all items that were affected by SCP-4625-2 ice abilities by way of heaters and a microwave.