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Item #: SCP-XXXX


Capture taken by Psi-34 Operative of the location during Incident Report 42-A-J.

Object Class: Keter Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: To this day, the SCP Foundation has failed numerous times to keep the location in full lockdown, no official explanation has been officially published apart from numerous drafts.

Further Secure Containment Procedures for re containment purposes are as such:

  • a 50 meter "kill zone" from the end of the caverns to ensure no civilians take harm.
  • All sightings of cannibalism must be reported instantly and the location must be isolated.
  • Contact is forbidden with the outskirts unless permitted by a member of the O5 Command.
  • No personnel are allowed past the caverns on patrol.
  • If a detachment of SCP-XXXX is located outside of the caverns it must be reported and the entire team must evacuate.

Lockdown Procedures: The location must be locked down in this specific order.
If a detachment of SCP-XXXX-C is spotted outside of the areas allowed then the team must start these procedure.
If there are civilians on site, they must be evacuated, if they refuse. Termination is valid. If any radio waves or anything which could interfere with radio silence is detected, such as a mobile phone or a camera must be disposed of to ensure no unauthorised helicopters or vehicles enter the area. If the interfered has not been disposed of, it may cause unauthorised entry which may begin a Containment Breach. A 2km evacuation of all nearby towns and cities must start after the disposal lead by whichever task force has the highest ranking personnel on location. After this, you are required to contact the foundation via mainframe communications.

Description: SCP-XXXX is located eleven kilometres away from the Red Sea, the location is housed in a vast plain desert. The location is split into three main parts, the outskirts, the main centre and the caverns. The outskirts is two kilometres from the each side and raps around the main centre. Past the outskirts are the caverns, a small cave area with numerous inverted drops into the ground. In the middle of the outskirts lies the main centre, an Islamic hall with houses surrounding them. Numerous people who’ve seen the main centre have described it as a “Iraqi Warzone”. Many of the artefacts recovered were written in Arabic and mysteriously Turkish.
The location was originally discovered in 1995 after thirteen planes which travelled across the area seemed to disappear. Local news described it as the “New Bermuda”. After numerous attempts of discovering the truth, the Saudi government contacted the SCP Foundation for aid. In 1998, a mobile task force operator was sent to examine the situation under a fake UNICEF identification. After surveillance, a group of SCP-XXXX-B was undercovered, a group of Islamic Cannibals with markings from traditional Islamic face paint along with Uzbeki sacrifice techniques. A recording device designated IRA-A was deployed to record situations. The group was gathered around what looked to be like a primitive fireplace on the ground, IRA-A began transmitting.

By 2016, an official examination has been opened and ten explanations for this anomaly.
No official explanation has been highlighted, the location remains uncontained and unknown, it's true nature and class is unknown and it has been given Temporary Euclid Class until it can be fully examined. The area is being classed as Highly Dangerous due to the nature of the location.

SCP-XXXX-C seems to be a replication of an Aghori descendent, the markings and clothing are very similar, as well as their methords of sacrifice and their diet.

According to common Islamic law, cannibalism is illegal, and it is looked down apon in their religion. Numerous video sources and chatlogs reveal that they have something to do with the Islamic God of “Allah”. It is unsure at this time of if they are Aghori or Islamic, but new intelligence reveals that the flesh of the specicimen is similar of that to rotten, possibly giving it an undead-scenario.

Two very popular explanations for this anomaly is as follows;

When entering the location, you experienced damaging effect to your mental health and eventually after a period of four or more days you will convert to cannibalism.

When entering the location, you loose all control of your body and your vital organs’ health, causing you to subject to a cardiac arrest or other diseases caused by organ failure. After passing, you will soon reincarnate as such into a cannibalism. This is mainly an inside joke inside Psi-34 but some researchers have questioned if it was just a joke.


Numerous changes to the Obiect Class have been made, in 1991 it as designated Euclid, 2016 it was changed to Keter after the first explination came out. Then back to Euclid after people started asking if what was an “inside joke” was just a joke. Numerous object class changes will probably happen after the file is updated.

The offical location is [DATA EXPUNGED], though sightings of such specimens have been reported. A single strand of SCP-XXXX-C has been contained and is being stored in Site-122 until further notice.