The Key

Object class:safe

Special Containment Procedures: scp xxxx is to be kept in a metal safe 1 cubic foot in size. The code of the safe is known by dr.gddasa, who is also to look after the safe. Any foundation members who want to study the object must write to dr.gddasa explaining their research purpose.
Any foundation members examining the key are to keep it in the safe at all times when not in use and away from and doors with a lock on them.

Scp xxxx is a key made out of what appears to be copper measuring 5 c.m in length. The key appears old and worn, but the real age is impossible to tell. Any attempts to examine the object result in the results coming back with readings that are believed to be randomly generated by the object, as they change each time.

The anonymous properties of scp xxxx appear when the object is put in the lock of a closed door. Scp xxxx changes its shape to fit in any lock it is pressed into. After scp xxxx is put in the lock, and the door is opened, the door becomes a portal. The size or shape of the door only makes a difference on the side and shape of the portal. Scp xxxx has even been shown to work when put in the door oh a doll house. The portal has the appearance of a deep pool of shimmering water. There appears to be a light source inside the portal, giving it a faint glow. Making contact with it causes a flash of light as well as a series of electromagnetic pulses, which provide no danger to humans. The flash lasts up to 5 seconds and after it's gone, the object that made contact with the portal is also gone. All attempts at finding at what point it disappears have proven to be ineffective. Heat scanners overload and trackers short circuit.

Things that make contact with scp xxxx end up in an unknown location that is believed to be some sort of pocket dimension, known as scp xxxx-2. Scp xxxx 2 is a room measuring approximately 25x15x10 meters size. It resembles a school drama classroom, which has been nicknamed “the Theatrette” by foundation members involved. There are props of all sorts lining the walls. In the center of the room, there are a series of tables and chairs of various shapes and sizes. The location and amount of everything in the room changes over time.

After a living being appears in scp xxxx-2 it is created by one of the inhabitants of scp xxxx-2, known as scp yyyy. Scp yyyy are humanoid enttys of age ranging from 13-19. They differ in gender, ethnicity, personality and are believed to indeed be different beings, as opposed to a single being using different avatars. Scp yyyy will then begin to engage in conversation with the subject that arrived. Scp yyyy have knowledge of the foundation and constantly offer to help the foundation contain dangerous scps. For more on scp yyyy see the related file.

scp xxxx was found on the desk of dr.gddasa , at site 12 on the 10/11/2018 with a note tied to it. It was written by hand and read

“This key will open the door to us. You do not know us, but we know you. You are heroes, but every hero needs his help. We want to offer you that help. Please feel free to visit us if you ever need out help containing things beyond your abilities

The committee.”
After it was discovered site 12 was put in lockdown. A search revealed nothing out of the ordinary. However, when foundation members attempted to look at security tapes of dr.gddasa’s room, the camera had been destroyed by an electromagnetic fluctuation. No evidence was found in dr.gddasa’s room of a break in.