SCP ████: The Time Travelling Clock
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Item #: SCP-4272

Object Class: Safe


SCP-4272 Prior to containment.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4272 must be kept in a 5x5x5 concrete cell lined with 50 mm lead plating. Testing is currently suspended (See Incident Report). Whenever testing begins all biological subject within a 150 meter radius of the containment cell must be evacuated as to avoid possible collateral effects. No biological substances are allowed to be in direct contact with the object, and cameras in the rooms must be checked every hour to ensure that the space-time continuum has not been breached.

Description: SCP-4272 appears to be a vintage wooden table clock in run down condition. The clock itself does not appear to function normally, and any attempt to damage or alter the device has been unsuccessful. The hands on the clock face appear to move at random, and no pattern has been observed so far. The object does not exhibit any anomalous properties until it comes into direct contact with an individual who "leads something". The exact specifics of who triggers the effects of SCP-4272 are unknown but it appears that anyone with high power be it managerial or political as seen in the case of Kain █████ when SCP-4272's anomalous effects were activated(See Interview #2). Upon activation the clock begins to emit an unknown radiation which causes auditory and visual hallucinations similar to schizophrenia. After an unknown amount of time ranging from 1 minute to 6 hours the effects progress and an influenced person along with those around it within a range of approximately 150 meters begin to experience harsher delusions, followed by extreme coughing and symptoms of hematemesis. It is currently unknown how SCP-4272 is able to transmit this illness, further testing is awaiting approval. It has been noted that those under the influence of SCP-4272 are unable to see their own blood, the reason for this effect remains unknown. Upon the death of all of those who were influenced by SCP-4272, which usually occurs approximately 10 minutes after the effects worsen, the deceased individuals and SCP-4272 appear to be returned to a time approximately 5-10 hours before activation of the object's properties. Those who have experienced the effects of SCP-4272 retain their memories of the previous world line in vivid detail, including the moments leading up to their death. The mental state of those who have traveled from other dimensions remain as they were, however in the case of Site Director Johanna she showed moderate mental trauma upon experiencing her own death.

Containment Log 2/23/██: Squad of 8 MTF units Commanded by Squad Leader REDACTED were informed of an anomalous object in the home of an important political figure Kain █████ in ██████ Australia. Upon arrival 6 MTF entered the building, 2 were stationed on buildings nearby with M24 Sniper Rifles. A total of 10 individuals were found in the building who had experienced the effects of SCP-4272, all were contained and transported to site REDACTED for questioning. All individuals within a 1 Mile radius were given Class A amnestics through aerial delivery.

Interview Log

Incident Report