The Truck of Crime
Item#: 6287
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Special Containment Procedures: Any trucks that appear to look like SCP-6287 must be checked before they can be safely used, as there’s a chance that truck is an instance of SCP-6287. The method of finding out if the truck is anomalous or not is as follows:

One D-Class personnel and one guard will enter the truck. The D-Class will sit in the driver’s seat and the guard will sit in the passenger seat. If the D-Class suddenly starts to drive the truck, then it’s an instance of SCP-6287. If not, then it isn’t, and is allowed to be driven by civilians.

Description: SCP-6287 is a blue [REDACTED] type truck. It’s difficult to spot before it’s anomalous properties can activate, as it looks identical to non-anomalous copies of the same type of truck (See Special Containment Procedures for how to figure that out).

SCP-6287 only seems to have a major effect on criminals and ex-criminals. Those nearby an instance of SCP-6287 have a strong urge to get inside of it and drive it. Once it’s being driven by a criminal, the criminal feels compelled to drive recklessly in it. It’s at this point the criminal is able to drive the truck by himself. Those in the truck or those helping alongside the driver of the SCP-6287 gain other abilities, such as higher resistance to damage, better coordination and driving skills, and better balance. So far, the only way to stop SCP-6287 is to get the driver out of the vehicle.