Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures

SCP-XXXX must be contained in a 5x5x10, 2-meter-thick steel walled cell, at the very bottom of the facility. Weekly inspections for damage are to be carried out by experienced personnel. 4 security cameras are to be kept functioning inside the cell at all times, along with 10 laser detectors. There must be 2 items in the cell at all times, swapped every 5 days. Size of the items does not matter.
If items are not placed in cell or haven't been replaced within the 5-day time period, then SCP-XXXX will attempt to escape.
SCP-XXXX possesses several ways of escaping its cell, listed:

Burning through walls using acid. Said acid seems to contain [REDACTED], making it extremely easy for it to burn through most materials.

Teleportation, through means of possession of member of staff, (We shall call this SCP-XXXX-1) and then essentially spitting itself out in [REDACTED] form. Note: Possession host seems to be exclusively lower ranked facility staff members.

and finally, [REDACTED]

We are not sure whether XXXX is capable of other means of escape.

Physical Appearance

SCP-XXXX seems to be a woman of ██ years of age, however it has been held in the facility since [REDACTED]. Subject constantly floats approximately 0.5 - 1 meters off the ground, unless using items that have been placed in the cell, in which case it will 'sit and play' with them.
Torso area and shoulders are covered in unidentifiable rags, whilst everything waist-down is almost completely naked. Note: SCP-XXXX does not seem to possess any form of typical sexual reproductive organs.
Its legs are bloody and scarred, and remain so, even when [REDACTED] is pumped into its cell, a typical healing gas.
Feet are non-existent, and legs end in flesh, as if feet were never meant to be there.
Arms, unlike the legs, seem fine, however, every █ months they will fall off and be replaced.
Every pair of new arms are different. It was once reported that the arms of SCP-531-D had grown in place, but fell off after 10 minutes, meaning that SCP-XXXX could be a means of bringing back dead organisms?
The most curious, and disturbing, feature of SCP-XXXX is the head.
The face has no facial features, save eye sockets and a mouth (No eyes). Hair is a brown-black colour, constantly greasy. Note: Even with no eyes to speak of, SCP-XXXX somehow still seems to have perfect vision.
Its ears seem to be a set of holes in the subject’s head, and upon further inspection, seem to go straight through the head.
The head itself is upside down on the subject’s body, with a neck that naturally bends up to 530°.

Means of Harm

Whilst in containment, SCP-XXXX has managed to kill 32 staff members.

16 through its method of teleportation, 10 with acid, 5 with mental damage (Listed further on) and 1 with [REDACTED]

SCP-XXXX has a means of mental damage with which it can inflict on others. Victims of said mental damage suffer over a 2-week period.
In the first 3 days, victim will simply have what seems to be a common cold, at the same time as suffering trust issues and extreme self-awareness.
After a week, victim will start throwing up violently and unexpectedly, even when stomach is empty of any and all contents. It seems the substance said victim produces is a mix of bile, bodily fluids and blood.
10 days in, victim will go mentally insane, uttering unpronounceable words and attempting to enter SCP-XXXX's cell.
After 14 days the victim will die. Not by natural cause.
Every single time, no matter who the victim is, at exactly 10:34am GMT he/she will break into the cell. One way or another.
SCP-XXXX then proceeds to talk to victim in a language untranslatable by the foundation.
After exactly 5 minutes, the victims head explodes. SCP-XXXX then proceeds to absorb the body.

Habits and Odd Behaviour

SCP-XXXX always requires at least 2 items in the cell. Size of the objects does not matter, as long as they are moveable.
Recently, foundation studies have shown mood changes depending on the object. For instance, more manipulative objects, items with pulleys and buttons, tend to put SCP-XXXX in a good mood, to the point where it's almost friendly.
Normally, if in this mood, it will 'wave' to current observers, and in some cases it has tried to communicate. However, these attempts always fail, as the foundation, as of writing, cannot translate the subject’s 'language'.
Moving on, items that are heavy, pretty much immovable, or have no way of interacting with tend to put SCP-XXXX in a bad mood.
If in a bad mood, SCP-XXXX will sit in the corner, facing the observers and staring at them in an 'unnerving way'. As of yet, no aggressive behaviour has been directed to observers when in this mood, however it has been reported to make disturbing wails and cries, that 'sound just like those of a woman in distress'.
The last mood that has been recorded so far is 'Curious'. Often, if items that contain other items inside them, items that contain food items in them, or items that require the solving of a puzzle to use will put SCP-XXXX in a curious mood. Often, it will sit with the object for hours on end, figuring out all possible ways of interacting with the object/s. Once it is finished with the object, it will throw it in the corner and ignore it. Staff members are told not to put these items in the cell very often, or if they do, about 5-10 at a time. Otherwise, the items need to be replaced quicker than the regular objects.
Current guesses on why SCP-XXXX requires these objects to remain in a docile state are linked with where it was found.
The current information is a facility secret. Do not, and we repeat, do not share this information with anyone below __Level 3 security clearance.__

SCP-XXXX was found in a small forest, in the South-West of England. Further information regarding exact location is currently kept in a high-level file, located in a wall safe just inside the observation chamber of the subject.
This particular forest houses certain species that are usually not native to England, such as Wolves (Note: Native to Scotland, not England), Honey badgers and Goliath Bird-Eating Spiders, to name a few. SCP-XXXX is guessed to be the cause of this, however we are not certain how.
The forest also contains an abandoned building, approximately 16.2mx20.5m large, with a rough interior area of 320m². The building contains 4 floors. Basement, ground floor, second floor and attic. Each room of the house contains exactly 2 objects, with each room containing a different type of object. Some rooms contain manipulative, interactive objects, such as broken remote-controllers, clicker pens, old keyboards, etc. Others may contain objects that contain other objects or require the solving of a puzzle to use. Note: No rooms of the house contain objects that are heavy, practically immovable or have no way of interacting with them.

A certain room of note was located on the second floor of the building. This particular room contained more than two objects. A box of art supplies. Six paintbrushes, 10 pencils of varying grades, 6 cans of (still wet) paint, an assortment of random crayons, 26 colouring pencils (all different shades) and some black art pens. Also found were countless drawings and paintings. DNA tests show that they were done by SCP-XXXX itself. They were of mixed quality, but most seemed to be almost professionally done, as if to belong in an art gallery.

We have conducted multiple tests on SCP-XXXX, in which we had art materials put in its cell. However, instead of using these materials, the subject backed away from them. Once it had reached the corner, it sat down and started screaming at high volume. Subject didn't stop screaming until art materials were removed from the room. Once they had been removed and new objects were in place, it calmed down and once again entered a docile state.

End of report.

Subject Tests

Test A - 13/1/2002

SCP-XXXX:State: Unconscious

Procedure:Sarin (Toxic Gas) was pumped into the cell.

Results:No results. Subject remained in healthy state.

Analysis:Immune to toxic gases.

Test B - 15/7/2008

SCP-XXXX:State: Conscious, Docile.

Procedure:5 Pencils, 2 paintbrushes, 2 cans of red and blue paint and 5 sheets of A3 paper were placed in the cell.

Results:Subject backed into corner and started screaming at high volume.

Analysis:No definite conclusion on this behaviour has been confirmed.

Interviewed: Gabriel Allen, Commander of Special Force used to contain SCP-XXXX

Interviewer: Dr. ███

Retrieval Incident #XXXX-5-d

<Begin Log>

Dr. ███: Hello, sir, please take a seat. This will be over in about 15 minutes.

G.A: No doubt, this ain't something I want to talk about for too long.

Dr. ███: Don't you worry about that, sir. Although it is mandatory for you to describe the incident in detail, per your contract.

G.A: Fine. And please, call me Gabe.

Dr. ███: Very well, if you could just get on with your description please.

G.A: Well, It was the third of November, 1992. Our team had just been called in for a special mission, an odd creature had been found. And they wanted us to secure it.
At first, I was hesitant. We had just got back from securing SCP- ██, and the team had lost two members. Apparently though, we couldn't back out of this one, as no other team was willing to go after this… this… whatever it was.

Dr. ███: You say you had just got back from securing SCP- ██?

G.A: Yeah, that's right. Damn thing almost up and killed the entire squad. Anyway, the location was around ██████, in █████████, around the ███ area. We were tasked with capturing the creature in an aluminium crate, which was not easy. We had to carry it with one of those freighter copters, which increased the chance of us being noticed by 'it'.

Dr. ███: And how big was the crate, exactly?

G.A: About 3x3x5. So fairly large.

Dr. ███: [Under breath] Interesting.

G.A: So, we made our way there. It was a small forest, right next to a town. Later we discovered that there had been sightings and reports of SCP-XXXX from the townsfolk, including mysterious deaths that were thought to be the creatures work.

Dr. ███: So people knew of the creature? We'll get a team down there right away; this is new information. It's potentially very dangerous if people know of this thing.

G.A: What are you going to do to the people? I demand to know, I AM THE COMMANDER IN-


Dr. ███: There, that's better, isn't it? Now, you were saying?

G.A: We had been called in. We knew the creature’s rough location, now we had to send in some scouts to pinpoint it. There were 5 of them, special unit, each armed with toughened riot armour, an M16 rifle each, as well as one heavy rocket launcher. About 15 minutes in, we had a radio broadcast from one of them.
''Target inbound. 19, 22, 4-''
screams, a horrible sound, and then static. We managed to find them with the given coordinates, but when we arrived, a horrible sight stood before me.
It was watching them. In the trees, covered by the shadows. The men looked confused, they hadn't spotted it yet. Two of them ran off, leaving the other two to fend for themselves. I noted that one of them had already been killed. I watched as it disappeared into the shadows, before re-appearing, as if it had teleported, behind them. They didn't even know what hit them, poor sods.

Dr. ███: And would you mind telling me how it… well, you know. Killed them?

G.A: I'd rather not. I don't… [Ten second pause] I don't want to put that image in my mind.
Look, long story short, we got it in whilst it was… well… eating. Or whatever it was it was doing. Look, can I leave now?

Dr. ███: Certainly. Thank you for your time, you have been a real help.

G.A: You're very welcome sir, anything I can do to… wait, what are you…

[Dr. ███ can be heard pulling a gun from his pocket]

G.A: This… This isn't necessary sir, if you just give me a min-


Dr. ███: This is Dr. ███. I am formally issuing this creatures termination on [DATA EXPUNGED]. Quarantine and kill all residents of the █████████ area. ███ out.

<End Log>