The White Guys
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An instance of SCP-3680 at the time of its retrieval.

Item #: SCP-3680

Object Class: Euclid Keter

Note: As of 3/██/201█, the Special Containment Procedures have been updated. The following document contains Containment Procedures dated one month prior to the establishment of Area-137.

Special Containment Procedures:

Provisional Area-137 has been established over the former town of ███████, Minnesota, which is used solely to contain instances of SCP-3680-2. Armed guards are to be assigned to outposts along the border of Area-137, and are to be continually exposed to instances of SCP-3680. Under no circumstances are instances of SCP-3680-2 to be let outside the gated walls of Area-137. If any SCP-3680-2 manage to escape, Provisional Task Force Psi-17 "Load-Bearing Wall" is to be dispatched to terminate the instance(s).

Upon finding a new instance of SCP-3680, personnel assigned to Area-137 are to place it into an airtight storage cell, and bring it to the storage vault located inside the Area. The instance will be put into bulk storage until it can be utilized by other Area-137 personnel or resident PTF Psi-17.

SCP-3680 are sheets of 18” x 24” poster paper that randomly materialize in the hallway segments of ███████ High School throughout Area-137. Only one instance will appear per day, and instances do not necessarily materialize each day; in fact, time between appearances of SCP-3680 has been measured at up to seven days.

Instances of SCP-3680 always have several things in common, with very few exceptions:

  • They will have words and/or drawings on them, which appear to be handwritten in multicolored washable marker.
  • The words will have a common theme: almost always the theme will be “bullying”; specifically, it will give reasonings to why “bullying” is good (although many are incoherent and meaningless).
  • Crude drawings are shown of humanoid figures, always with shapes in the middle of their heads which appear to be brains1.

Upon contact with the bare skin of any human, the anomalous effect of SCP-3680 begins. After thirty-two minutes and twenty-four seconds, any person who has come in contact with an instance of SCP-3680 will experience hallucinations of tall, slender humanoid figures. These entities (hereby designated SCP-3680-2) have been described by victims of SCP-3680 as white with a black outline surrounding their body, having small, misshapen eyes, and with large shapes inside their head that appear to be brains. These “brains” will have multicolored numbers inside of them that resemble binary code. This description appears to directly correlate to the images that appear on the first instance of SCP-3680 created, which has been designated SCP-3680-1 throughout this document.

Instances of SCP-3680-2 will continue to be hallucinated by victims of SCP-3680 for forty-six minutes and fifty-two seconds, at which point they will simply disappear. No brain damage has been found in victims of SCP-3680’s anomalous effects, but minor Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder has been observed. The symptomatic panic attacks common between persons suffering from PTSD are in this case usually caused by pieces of media that portray tall and thin characters, especially as inherently malevolent beings. Class-A and -B amnestic has been found to cure any cases of this.

The first instance of SCP-3680 was placed in the East hallway segment of ███████ High School on 2/██/201█, where it was brought to the Foundation’s attention after numerous reports of widespread paranoia forced the school to close for the rest of its working day. SCP-3680-1 was diagnosed as the problem and retrieved the next morning. Class-A amnestic was spread over the city of ███████, and its surrounding fields and towns.


SCP-3680-1 at the time of its retrieval.

SCP-3680-1 had first thought to be a work by GoI #2979 ‘Are We Cool Yet?’, but after extensive search through the student databases, personnel found that one student, Alexander Fillmore (hereby referred to as PoI #3674), was a known member of GoI #5869 ‘Gamers Against Weed’. Following are several excerpts from the Gamers Against Weed chat log. It is important to note that PoI #3674 goes by the screen name ‘GhettoPotato’.

Addendum 3680.1
Immediately following the discovery of more instances of SCP-3680 in ███████ High School, the original Special Containment Procedures were drafted and placed into effect. No major incidents were reported until 34 days after initial containment of SCP-3680-1, when an instance of SCP-3680 was discovered inside a café neighboring ███████ High School. Agents quickly moved the instance away from the area, but several civilians still came into contact with SCP-3680 and had to be taken to Sector 76-R.

PoI #3674 was taken into Foundation custody immediately after the event. The following interview was conducted by Dr. Bishop approx. five hours after the containment breach occurred.

Based on information gathered in the interview above, the current Special Containment Procedures were drafted, and placed into effect approx. six days later. All 528 former residents of ███████, Minnesota were administered Class-C amnestics and relocated to several different towns of similar size across the upper Midwest. Since the completion of Area-137, only one breach of containment has occurred.