The World's Most Social Cowboy

Item #: SCP 1123
Object Class: Safe
Special Containment Procedures: The name Ezra should be kept out of the mainstream as much as possible. Because of the implications and possible intervention by SCP-001, the name may be kept within holy scriptures and mentionings of Abrahamic related people.
Description: SCP 1123 is a man named Ezra Sheen. Should the name be implied, written or branded with a photo (real or drawn) of a human male in a cowboy hat, the photo will become sentient, able to converse with and interact with human beings. Instances of this will be written as 1123-A instances. 1123-A instances seem to be the same person, and will remember humans that converse with 1123-A frequently.
SCP 1123 seems to have a cowboy like attitude and interact with people with varied mannerisms of an 1800s western US settler. He is slightly racist, carries a thick southern accent, is notably polite in front of women and refuses to swear at them, and will generally ask to “duel” if insulted. It is also unusually social, and will carry on a conversation for a recorded time of 3 hours before “exiting” the painting by producing a horse and riding it into the distance. It should be known that SCP 1123-A instances will always have pistols that can interact with the real world, and if one is drawn without a pistol it will produce one from out of sight of the viewer, which it refers to as its “ace in the hole”. These shots do not have bullets but are for all intensive purposes just as powerful as a regular bullet.
SCP 1123-A can also distinct how well it is drawn, and will generally comment. When drawn as a stick figure on napkins, it will insult the artist with vulgarity and take little care to keep the conversation. When drawn well, or inhabiting a famous painting with western additions, it will be in a more pleasant mood.