The worst seat in the house. SCP idea

Item # To Be Determined (TBD)

Object class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Do to the SCPs placement it is and how the SCP functions it is almost impossible to contain. Though as it has almost no real threat besides Addendum 1-FE and Event 2-DM it must be made clear that no should ever sit in SCP TBD. If this happens the subject will be removed from the stadium and given class A amnesties. To enact security procedures one undercover agent must buy (money provided by The Foundation) the seat (SCP TBD) in question and the seat next to it when a event/game is being held at the stadium. The agent must then sit in the seat he has bought next to SCP TBD and keep watch over the course of the event/game. At any other time that there is no event/game being held SCP TBD does not need to be monitored.

Description: SCP TBD is always a plastic yellow seat that is most notably used at stadiums. The seat is stuck in place in Section 114 Row V, the seat number being 1. The stadium the
seat (SCP TBD) is located in is (Data Redacted) Field in (Data Redacted). The stadium normally houses football games at the Pro and College level, but can house other events such as concerts. All of which the SCP TBD can be used in. Even when the seat is removed and a new one put in, the same anomalies properties continue with this new seat. By al means the seat is completely normal until a patron of the event/game sits down in the seat (SCP TBD). At that moment Event 1-FR enacts. The initial minutes of sitting down nothing appears to happen. Then, slowly at first, people all across the stadium start attempting to remove the person in the seat (SCP TBD). Whether it is by telling stadium security, texting the stadium “Help” number, or in some cases personally asking the person to leave. If the person leaves or is removed then Event 1-FR is over and people move continue on. If the person does not leave the stadium in the first 30min of the of Event 1-FR bing enacted then members of the crowd start turning more hostile. This is usually by harsh language or throwing abject such as food. If the person does not move from the seat (SCP TBD) in 1 hour of Event 1-FR being enacted then members of the crowd begin the process of forcefully removing the individual of the seat (SCP TBD) until he is out of the stadium. I the individual returns to the stadium Event 1-FR does not happen and is considered over. If the individual comes back and sits on SCP TBD that is when Event 2-DM happens and the person is killed by any means the crowd posses. In any case after either event any members of the crowd that took part do not remember any details from either event.

Notes: When the game/event has concluded no further events seem to occur.

Notes: If the individual who was removed in Event 1-FR returns and sits in a different seat no further events occur.

Notes: Either event does not only pertain to one individual and can happen to anyone who has sat in that seat over the period of the event/game.

Addendum: Addendum 1-FAE happened on 19** and is presumed to not be the first anomalous event to happen, but was the first anomalous event to catch the attention of the Foundation. The event saw one man (Age 29) who had been forcefully been thrown out be the crowd to of come back and sit in SCP TBD and then was immediately stabbed in the neck with a pair of keys by another man (Age 37) and died of blood loss. The man (Age 37) was arrested and when later taken in as D-Class personal was questioned. He stated that he had no memory and was in his seat the whole time. Then people were looking at him in horror with a man in the front row being dead and in a pool of blood. And holding his bloodied car keys.