the-x-territory 2 (SCP-MM)

Item #: SCP-MM

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: none. SCP-MM cannot be contained by any normal facility, most guards have just decided to leave him to his own devices, however he must be watched at all times and must not be allowed near any other containment facilities should he desire to remove The Objects from said facility.

Description: SCP-MM's origin is currently unknown, no background info, no species, no home, nothing. He appears to be incapable of speech, it's not known whether or not due to the mask he wears. The entity has the appearence of a man wearing a blue jacket and jeans, he wears a scarf over his moúth as if it were a mask, his eyes are covered by black and white shades and he wears an old fedora atop his head.

The Entity has shown a range of unorthodox reality warping powers, he has been seen "teleporting from different locations", he seems to be able to teleport other objects and creatures as well, he can phase through objects, can manipulate living creatures on a molecular level, can breathe through a vacuum can create matter from nothing, etc. It's currently unknown whether or not he has limits to these powers, once again we cannot collect confirmation from The Entity itself.

Most members of staff believe that It was "born" with these abilities, however there is speculation that the powers were given to him. It is unknown how they could've been given to It however there are theories on how this is the case.

All personnel should be wary of SCP-MM due to its supernatural and mysterious nature, it doesn't appear to be violent however it has currently killed 7 members of staff as of this day (17-1-████). It is unclear what The Entities goals are, it appears that he is searching for something in the foundation, it is not known "what he is looking for" or "why he is looking for it" if he is, however there are theories made by other personnel.

Dr. ████: I Was following The Entity down the corridoors and I found it searching through boxes in one of the closets.
Dr. █████: What on earth? why in hell would he wish to look through a bunch of boxes?
Dr. ████: He appeared to be looking for something, maybe some sort of key or weapon?
Dr. █████: Hmm… we should likely do a search, if only we could understand what he was after…
Dr. ████: Indeed, if only we could communicate with it in some way.