Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3865 is to be contained within a standard non-humanoid containment unit. Personnel with Level-1 Security Clearance should not know about SCP-3865. SCP-3865 is, while inside its containment unit, is to be stored in a plain, non-anomalous cardboard box. No personnel are to come into physical contact with SCP-3865 at any time.

Description: SCP-3865 is a ballpoint black ink pen, which is ███ brand. The outer "shell" of
SCP-3865 is made entirely of metal. The brand name is monogrammed onto the side. However, there is also the word "Boogly" scraped onto the side of the pen with what seems to be a sharp blade.

SCP-3865's anomalous properties manifest when a person touches SCP-3865 directly. The person who picked up SCP-3865 will then, after one minute, proceed to stab themselves repeatedly in the chest, stomach and eyes, until they expire. The reason for this is entirely unknown.

SCP-3865 was recovered on the date of ██/██/████ by the GoI, The Serpent's Hand. Apparently, a TSH soldier discovered the entity by accident while finding SCPs that were abandoned by the Foundation. When SCP Agents arrived at the scene of initial TSH discovery, the TSH soldier was found deceased, holding SCP-3865 in their left hand. SCP-3865 was successfully and safely retrieved by the Foundation, and is currently at Site-██.

Addendum 3865-1: On █/██/20██, Dr. ██████ dispatched a message regarding SCP-3865:

To all of those concerned of SCP-3865's anomalous properties, don't be. This SCP is brand new, and we may find a sort of cure for it's anomalous properties in the near, distant or far, future. However, I'd like to advised that no tests are to be made with SCP-3865 until further notice, as I have decided that we build more…structured… hypotheses before beginning a test. Failure to comply with this may result in termination.
Dr. ██████
Site-██ Director

Addendum 3865-2 Test Logs:

Test A - 28/12/2017

Subject: D-6549, a 33-year-old male, average build with a history of depression.
Procedure: Subject is to write with SCP-3865 as much as possible before they stab themselves to death (Subject instead told to write as much as possible before time runs out).
Results: Subject wrote for approximately 115 seconds before stabbing themselves. Subject expired soon after.
Note: While that was a bit unsettling to watch, it also help something interesting. Instead of a minute, it almost doubled. Does it adapt to the wearer? - Dr. Ford

Test B - 4/2/2018

Subject: D-3842, a 41-year-old male, obese, colored, used force to do █████.
Procedure: Subject is to hold SCP-3865 in front of the viewing window while facing it.
Results: Subject stared blankly at the viewing window for approximately 115 seconds before stating "Fuck this." and threw the pen at the viewing window. The viewing window shattered. Subject later terminated.
Note: Jesus, that was scary. But what did that mean? Does it mean it hates us for containing it? or something else? - Dr. Ford