The Compendium of Knowledge

The Compendium of Knowledge is an omnipresent force, an object that has always and will always exist. Lord knows who or what made it, or if it self-created itself, but what we do know is that it contains all knowledge on anything, ever.

The Compendium, through its very existence, proves the theory that fiction creates reality. To elaborate, all fictional worlds that have ever been created become recorded in the Compendium and are created elsewhere in Existence. This is proved through the fact that an avatar of The Compendium is always present in every reality, and if so desired, can be edited and change the very nature of the world it's within.

Each avatar of The Compendium contains but a fraction of the true Compendium's knowledge, the entire history of the universe in which this avatar resides. All knowledge written in the Compendium is completely and undeniably, the Truth.

In addition to The Compendium, there is but one more omnipresent force throughout all reality:
The Worldweavers.
These are people who possess the ability to edit the reality of their world through the medium of art.
This ability is usually hereditary, and there is typically only one or two Worldweavers alive at any given time in any given universe.
Their abilities are unknown to them and manifest in times of high stress and during high exertion of willpower, a force which they possess more of than anything else in their universe.

It is thought that Worldweavers exist as a failsafe, for when a story cannot be brought to a natural end due to unforeseen complications, such as two or more stories crossing over.


The continents of Faerun, Zakhara, and Kara-Tur on Toril.

Background: The world known as Toril, Faerun, and later designated B-Gamma-6, was peaceful for quite some time. Well, as peaceful as a world could be. Unbeknownst to all of the inhabitants of this world, they resided within a fictional story. The Compendium recorded all that happened to this world, but due to the fact its authors didn't add much before the point this story begins, there is not much here for you to learn.

Our focus is on a country known as Aldermarc, a small part of a much larger world. Lord knows what happened in the other parts of Faerun, for those stories remain to be written by more authors from a higher order of infinity.

Our story begins when two stories collide.

Once in a time long past, a terrible ball of steel crashed upon the world of B-Gamma-6, and flattened the country of Soralia. Several months later, the previous Gods of this world suddenly vanished, leaving behind all of their most devoted followers, powerless and alone. With nothing left to turn to, these stranded polytheists set their sights upon the metal ball which had brought ruin to their world and began to worship it, driven by fear and a mad lust to regain lost power. However, despite what they would have liked to believe, this sphere of destruction harbored no benevolent intent.