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Item #: The Bright Guardian

Object Class: Keter/Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: Subject is to be contained in a humanoid containment cell. Chamber is furnished with a single table, two chairs, a cot, and a television which only broadcasts Foundation-Approved channels. Also permitted to be escorted outside of Site-() for a total of two hours a week. Should be fed twice a day, but has been observed to be capable of being deprived of food for a maximum of two weeks without serious consequences. Access to (TBG)'s containment chamber is limited to those of Class-2 rank or higher, unless approved by one of Class-4 rank or higher.

Description: (TBG) is a male humanoid 216 cm in height, tanned skin, and muscular build. (TBG) also has abnormally large eyes, of silvery-white hue, and spiky brown hair that hangs 4 cm over its forehead. (TBG) has been described as having a calming aura by personnel that have interviewed and tested (TBG), further study required to determine possible memetic effects.

(TBG)'s anomalous properties include: Inhuman levels of strength (limits currently unknown), the ability to condense light into a substance of the same durability as steel, the ability to "see souls" as stated by (TBG) in an interview (see Addendum (TBG)-1, extensive training in an unknown form of combat, and possibly a form of immortality. It also hinted at the possibility of one or more anomalous effects that have yet to be witnessed. Again, see Addendum (TBG)-1 for more information. It is currently housed in Site-() seemingly by its own accord, as it has thus far been able to tear down any walls put in its way when in an active, or enraged, state.

(TBG) has been observed to be remarkably affable and good-natured around those who have committed few or minor criminal acts in their life. Has also been observed to hold disdain towards those who have done major crimes, though seems not to mind if said crime was done for a good cause.

(TBG) has been exposed to multiple other SCP's in testing environments, by the approval of management at Site-(). In each test, (TBG) was seemingly capable of holding intelligent conversation with SCP's qualifying as sentient, even a few that were not. Further testing is required on this subject.
Though (TBG) didn't seem to try to waste its time with those known to be excessively violent, other than an attempt in the first five minutes.

(TBG) has been involved in a total of sixteen different breaches in containment, which has earned it the Keter classification. However, in only one of those incidents were personnel harmed by (TBG), and even then seemingly by accident. From interviews and eyewitness accounts, it has been gathered that (TBG) only breaks containment of its own accord when a dangerous SCP has breached containment. See Addendum (TBG)-2 for a more detailed report of the incident.

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