Thedeadlymoose Incursion Scp Scrap

They used to spend a lot of time cutting grave bells.

Green: The drone readings say there's no void, at least. Not in the physical sense.

Blue: I suspected as much, but I admit it's nice to have it confirmed.

Green: Understood.

Red: Damn right, we don't grow on trees.

I can't figure out whether this thing is a magical entity or some other kind of anomaly.

Sample appears to be a non-carbon-based life-form, similar to [DATA EXPUNGED].

Command, you still there?

Feed resumes. All four team members are laughing and talking to what appear to be a group of featureless humanoid creatures. No feeds can detect anything but static in the cut-out shape of a humanoid. Feed lost.

Team members universally recall encountering SCP-XXXX [DATA EXPUNGED] (see "Interviews"

Initial failed missions showed that audio and visual feeds are extremely unreliable in SCP-XXXX body parts. However, cell phone text messages worked consistently with alteration of phone using Sigma-3 approved anomalous technology based on brain waves.

//One month and three days pass. Team members Red, Gold, and emerge from SCP-XXXX

(claims to have met God)





Team recovered SCP-XXXX "equipment" samples. Equipment can be partially interfaced with using anomalous techniques. However, viewing and understanding this data is currently either difficult or impossible for human mind-states.

  • Excursion based on information gathered from the Wanderers' Library. [DATA EXPUNGED]

SCP-XXXX Recovered Materials

[Interview 1: Sigma-3 member who brought report]
[Interview 2: Protesting Scientist?]
[Interview 3: Recovered Human]
Note: Containment procedures updated after cross-reference with Project Palisade.


It's God. SCP-XXXX is God. If not capital-G God, like Creator God, then something co-equal. It's not completely dead because It can't die. Only Its body can die, and this body is so powerful that it's taking a long, long time. Yeah, I know it sounds crazy, especially coming from me. I'm a pantheist. I met It. I talked to It. I looked into Its soul. What I saw… Honestly, I can't even comprehend the memory I have rattling around in my brain. But I know the effect. What I understood from seeing that.

No, It didn't tell me any of these things. Yes — yes, okay, technically I am speculating. I'm telling you. Nothing like this — like this SCP — could be anything but God.

Containment procedures? Leave It alone and we'll be fine. Screw with It and we'll …

You mean the alien creatures inside It?

I'm not a… no, you don't get it. Fool. Foolish. (Laughter) Okay. Okay. I see.

What if the Dream was real, and so much bigger than we imagined, and our whole universe, and everything we could ever imagine, could not encompass it?

On subject's origin:


Please. Don't play coy, I know you're Foundation. Changed everything about myself, but I know your tech, I know what you can do.

Subject typically refuses to directly discuss SCP-XXXX. However, there have been exceptions. Relevant excerpts are compiled below.

entering ("boarding") SCP-XXXX

Please. Let's just put all our cards on the table. Yes, I know about the Worm. I know about Project Palisade. I know everything. I was… I was in a position to know. In my old self. Before I changed.

…Oh. Oh, fuck. You're not [REDACTED] either, are you? You're just another [REDACTED].

  • Initially similar to previous entry, but low-level reality shifts abruptly increased and a seismic shift in the nature of reality made it incomprehensible to SCP-1985's senses.
    • Seven variants discovered.