SCP-Something iunno

Item #: SCP-3648

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3648 is to be kept on Site-33 with several pieces of stylized art1 from the 1920s and 1930s. SCP-3648 itself should be cleaned once daily with a generic silk cloth and eyeglass cleaning solution. Nobody under clearance level 3 is allowed to use SCP-3648 without proper consultation from somebody with clearance level 3 or above.

Description: SCP-3648 are a pair of black 1930's stylized horn-rimmed glasses with the lenses themselves being blacked out. Although the lenses are blacked out, the vision through the glasses rather grayscale the wearer's vision and distort faces into generic racial and ethnic steryotypes reminicent +of 1930s America. The idea behind 3648 as of [DATA-EXPUNGED] is that 3648 causes body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) for a temporal time until the wearer removes 3648.

Experiment Log 3648-1:

Date: 12-3-20██
Subject: D-class personnel D/3648/1
Procedure: D-class personnel D/3648/1 (a man from South Africa) was instructed to put on 3648 and stare into a mirror.
Details: D-class personnel D/3648/1 stated that his lips "looked like [he] got stung by a million wasps!" Implying that his face had (to him)
Experiment Log 3648-2:

Date: 7-1-20██
Subject: D-class personnel D/3648/2
Procedure: D-class personnel D/3648/2 (An extremely nearsighted, caucasian man) was instructed to look into a mirror from 10m distance.
Details: D-class personnel D/3648/2 claims that he was not able to, as the glasses actively had no effect on D-3648-2's sight.