SCP-XXXX Before capture in the mid 1900s.

Item #: XXXX
Object Class: Keter
Special Containment Procedures

SCP-XXXX is to be contained in a large provisional facility, with a chamber constructed of five silicon carbide sheets, each being at least 7.62 centimeters in width. The entity must be secured in restraints of rubber. The site used to contain SCP-XXXX must be 10 kilometers from any residential structures. On-site personnel must be held in secure quarters, far from the containment chamber used to hold the entity.

Testing procedures involving SCP-XXXX require written approval from the 05 council. During procedures, no more than 2 Class D Personnel may enter the containment chamber, to prevent a major loss of site staff. Personnel involved should be closely monitored by multiple Mobile Task Force agents. During research, all Class A Personnel are to be relocated off-site, until the facility is deemed safe.

Personnel within 20 meters of SCP-XXXX's containment chamber, are to wear a radioactive suit, built of carbyne and Maraging steel. A gas mask with advanced filtering technology is to be issued with the suit. Under no circumstances may personnel use a standard-issue gas mask while containing SCP-XXXX.

Note: Any damaged sheets of silicon carbine in SCP-XXXX's containment chamber are to be replaced within 3 hours.


SCP-XXXX is a humanoid entity, 1.8 meters tall. His clothes appear to be a Japanese military uniform from World War Two. His gas mask appears to make him immune to the majority of hazardous items, including anomalous gases. All attempts to remove the gas mask have resulted in a failure, and have previously caused containment breaches. As of 8/11/2001, attempting to remove any attachments on SCP-XXXX is strictly forbidden.


Intense changes in SCP-XXXX's behavior may be a sign of a containment breach. SCP-XXXX should be removed from the site until all nuclear energy is released. It may not return to its provisional facility until it is deemed stable.

SCP-XXXX releases a hazardous nuclear gas which appears to burn through any material, specific materials including Silicon Carbide, Carbyne, and Graphene appear to be more durable and are affected less by SCP-XXXX's toxins. The strength of the entity increases intense heat. If the behavior of SCP-XXXX changes in an unnoted way, it is to be moved to a distant location, preferably a nuclear test site where a widespread disaster won't affect many nearby residents. After SCP-XXXX has released its energy and is deemed "stable" it may be returned to the facility.

When a human is affected by SCP-XXXX's toxins, they will be warped to an apocalyptic dimension, at the high point of a nuclear war. Reports of the dimension include intense nuclear radiation tearing through soldiers in the field, as well as cities going up in a mushroom cloud around personnel. Appearing to be a manipulative strategy, SCP-XXXX will show familiar cities go up in flames during the war as hundreds around them begin to become infected with incurable diseases. Citizens of nearby cities run in chaos, seeking for shelter as a nuclear weapon barrels towards the area. If personnel perish to a nuclear blast while in the alternate dimension, they will return to the room where they became infected with SCP-XXXX's toxins, although the intense level of radiation, will cause the infected person to fall within 3 hours. Those who survive in SCP-XXXX's dimension for over 24 hours, will be released with little sign of nuclear radiation, and will likely make a total recovery within a week.

Note: If the effects from SCP-XXXX's dimension do not wear off within a week, personnel are to immediately be treated.

If affected personnel are immediately treated with SCP-500, they may recover, although the chances of total recovery are small.