Fraud (by thegamerofgoo)

Hello, before reading this is one of my first-time usings scps, so dont judge that much, also theres over 5000 scps so there may have been one like this that is like this that was made before me. Ok, thank you for reading
Created by: thegamerofgoo

Item # SCP-5041
Object class: Keter

Special Containment procedures: SCP-5041 must be kept in a standard procedure room, with a keycard of 3 or higher needed to get in. Cameras must be kept at all times under 24/7 surveillance. The door must be locked 24/7, and must only be open for testing. All staff must stay at least 15 feet away from the door at all times and must not make any sound. Any food or drinks near it is not allowed at all cost. Lights must be kept on at all times and cameras must be replaced at once when broken. Anyone going to replace it must wear a suit that stops all sent and must not make eye contact or directly look at it. They also must replace it in under 5 minutes. Due to how dangerous it can be a 04 keycard is required to get in. Letting it out will be caused in immediately becoming a Class-E, locked up in a room until SCP-5041 is back in containment.

Description: SCP-5041 is a completely black humanoid, with no body features able to be found except for white eyes, that seem to glow in the dark, and have no pupils. It does not speak, eat, or even ever move a body part, as it shares the same trait that SCP-173 has. It does not react to being threatened or any other SCPS. Other SCPS seem to blatantly ignore it, as if they can't see it. In fact, it seems to be aggressive, killing a few 610’s during a breach. The only scp that notices it is SCP-173, of which they both stared at each other for awhile before neutralized

SCP-5041 will become attached to humans, taking forms of things like SCP-131, or SCP-529. Then later, becoming their colleagues and talking with them, learning. This process is nearly impossible to tell, as the only indication is sometimes the forms can be found, with their neck twitching, often hidden but sometimes in plain sight. Subjects being followed by its report feeling uneasy, hearing knocking doors, creaking doors, screams, and loud steps in empty hallways.
Soon, after a week of being followed, the person they are stalking will be torn apart and hidden away. They will then assume the identity of the person and cause other chaos throughout the week that it possesses. It will let SCPS out, then kill some of them. It will wear the mask while gaining full control. It will rip apart staff and kill class Ds and let the rest escape. Then after a week, they will drop the body off somewhere, and go back to the cell if nothing has happened. They have dropped body off at SCP-610, SCP-049, or just anywhere else. If they happen to die before the weekends, they will head back. Even when a riot is on, SCP-5041 still appears to be in the cell, it is unknown if its a camera trick or something else.

Origin: SCP-5041 was found in New York City after several murders took place in 20██. It was found on top of the empire state building, throwing a body off. It was quickly captured by Ungoc looking to see what happened and brought to the facility, where it has remained since

Notes: It seems to only possess people with power, known for things, and trusted. Its the only reason Dr. Blight has not yet been possessed. It once also captured a council, escaped the fallacy, traveled to the site ██ , and used the nukes on it, leaving about 50 staff dead and even more class D’s.

Its a theory that there up to 3 different SCP-5041, and that's how they are never noticed.
SCP-5041 is allowed to talk to SCP-343, as SCP-343 can gather data about it by talking to it, even though no sounds seem to come from SCP_5041
SCP-343 responded vioently to it later on, refusing to talk to anyone for a few days

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