Item #: SCP-xxxx

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-xxxx is to be contained within a well-ventilated containment chamber on Site 28, within a raised air-dried ceramic bowl (1) meter in diameter. The subject must be provided with wood ash on a regular basis, and have the resulting products removed.

Personnel interacting with SCP-xxxx must wear standard fire protection equipment, and must avoid direct contact with provisions and the subject. If contamination is discovered, personnel must remain on-site until the new instances expire, or until containment teams arrive to resolve the issue.

Description: SCP-xxxx is a collection of unique chemical reactions, which resemble the appearance of fire, with the exception of appearing purely white in color.

The subject is able to reverse the oxidative damage (ie. from natural fire) on various solid-state objects, consuming molecules from the atmosphere and the available remnants to do so.

The duration and speed of this effect depends on the size of the object, and the complexity of its original composition. After an object has been restored, the instance of SCP-xxxx associated with it gradually expires (unless provided with more oxidized material).

When SCP-xxxx and natural fire interact with the same object, the subject is still able to reverse the damage, extinguishing the natural phenomenon in the process. How it is able to defy the second law of thermodynamics is unknown, but the consistent behavior may suggest that the subject is sentient, if not benevolent.

The subject’s anomalous effect and propagation can also occur within the burn wounds of various organisms, effectively reversing this type of injury. However, human patients experimentally treated with SCP-xxxx always report excruciating pain, and the sensation of being burned alive, despite restoration of the affected sites.
Animals treated with SCP-xxxx also display similar pain, suggesting that the restoration of burnt sensory neurons may cause this infliction. Sedatives have proven to reduce the pain caused by SCP-xxxx, though further trials have stagnated due to ethics and the potential of psychological trauma.

Experiments of SCP-xxxx with the ashes of once-living organisms are currently awaiting the approval of the O5 council.