ThatGuyInTheCorner-The Emotional Radio
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Subject class: Euclid


SCP-XXXX apon containment

Containment procedures: SCP-XXXX is to remain on a steel table in a 3.9 m, 3.9 m, 3.9 m soundproof building. Inside the containment cell of SCP-XXXX is to be a microphone wired to a volume censor that activates a light on the outside of SCP-XXXX's cell. Outside of SCP-XXXX's cell are two(2) armed personnel. On the 3rd and 17th of every month, one D-class personnel wearing noise canceling headphones is to go into SCP-XXXX’s containment cell to turn off SCP-XXXX and leave once the action is done. If SCP-XXXX station ever changes when it's not the 3rd or 17th of the month, is to be reported to Dr.[DATA EXPUNGED].

Description: SCP-XXXX is a Sharp multi-band deluxe fv-1710 shortwave radio with all the standard knobs and buttons except the indicator that shows the radio signals strength is always on high and has 10 stations that are always playing the same genre of songs no matter where the radio's location. All attempts to disassemble SCP-XXXX has failed due to all the screws being stripped and there are no exposed seams to take apart SCP-XXXX. X-rays of SCP-XXXX show that the receiver has been modified with a few extra parts added and the transceiver was replaced with an unknown foreign part, and there is a metal box inside of SCP-XXXX that the X-ray can’t see through. SCP-XXXX can be powered off, but it is impossible to exhaust the power from SCP-XXXX due to the fact that SCP-XXXX has a battery pack that has an unmeasured amount of energy.

SCP-XXXX's primary anomalous property manifests whenever music is played from it. Upon hearing the music, anyone within a 21-meter radius will begin to display emotional responses that correspond with emotions associated with the music in question. These responses are typically severe in nature. Songs that play from SCP-XXXX's range from a wide variety of songs like Happy, I won’t back down, Freedom, King without a crown, etc.

Tests with SCP-XXXX show that it’s capable of playing 10 different stations with 10 different genres of songs (See the table above test logs to see a full list of songs and genres that SCP-XXXX produces), but there is station that should never to be allowed to play under any circumstance due to the fact that this station only pays hardcore fast pace death metal. If a large group is listening to SCP-XXXX on this station, people within a 21-meter radius will start to act erratically and they will start to mutilate and kill each other with whatever they have even though the people listening might be best friends. This is especially dangerous because while a song on SCP-XXXX is playing the listener will not acknowledge the fact that SCP-XXXX is there and will do nothing to try to turn off SCP-XXXX. SCP-XXXX anomalous effects can still effect subjects when they hear SCP-XXXX even though it's being played on television, intercoms or other live audio devices.

Researchers theorize that SCP-XXXX maybe sentient because on the 3rd and 17th of every month SCP-XXXX turns itself on and changes the station to a random one without any help from outside forces. Also at times the knob to turn off/change the station of SCP-XXXX will refuse to turn when certain songs play, this implies that the radio has “favorite songs”(maybe). despite the fact that SCP-XXXX is indestructible, if anyone tries to destroy SCP-XXXX, SCP-XXXX will play a song that causes subjects hearts to [DATA EXPUNGED]. Even though SCP-XXXX effects any sapient/sentient living organism, it does not affect people with severe schizophrenia or people who are deaf.

Recovery: SCP-XXXX was recovered in a house located in █████████, Oregon that has been abandoned since 1969. On the 13th of September, 19██ when reports of loud music and fights breaking out and people killing and ripping each other apart for no apparent reason. When police officers arrived at the scene of the fight, the two(2) officers were imminently mesmerized by the music playing and started shooting at the crowd of people outside of the abandoned house. After the music stopped playing a civilian ran into the house and turned off SCP-XXXX that was sitting on the ground in the window room before the next song played. After the fight's stopped [DATA EXPUNGED] people died with 16 survivors. When all the survivors were taken in for questioning, they all claimed the music coming from the radio "made them do it" with the police officers supporting their claims. When foundation personnel caught wind of this event, agents that were placed in the nearby police station quickly confiscated the radio and moved it to site ██ for storage and testing. But after the incident at site ██, it was moved to site-15 to be watched after by Mobile Task Force Eta-11.

List of the station, and its effects
89.9 Sad Makes people burst out crying (high possibility of suicide if exposed too for long periods of time)
93.6 Happy Subjects feel happy and often dance
94.6 Heavy Dub-step Causes seizures
95.4 Romantic Causes subjects to fall in love
97.7 80s workout Subjects will start to do Jumping jacks and other workouts (May die if exposed to for a prolonged amount of time)
98.6 Hip-Hop Subjects tend to be less shy around big groups of people, and be more social
99.9 Heavy Metal Subjects developed a severe aversion to authority and demonstrated a noticeable lack of self-control
100.1 Upbeat Causes people to reflect on their life choices (high possibility of depression/suicide if exposed to for long periods of time)
107.1 Hardcore fast paced death metal Causes big groups of people to mutilate and kill each other for no apparent reason with what is ever nearest


Test 92-Delta: Four D-class personnel were placed in a room with SCP-XXXX. When the D-class personnel entered the room they were told to turn SCP-XXXX to station 107.1 and turn it on. Once they did what they were told, all the D-class personnel started to rip each other apart with their bare hands while SCP-XXXX played hardcore death metal. When SCP-XXXX was done playing the song all D-class personnel was dead with mutilated bodies, NO SURVIVORS.

Test 64-Theta: On the forth of September 2004, one(1) D-class personnel was placed in a cell with a steel baseball bat and SCP-XXXX. Upon entering the cell with SCP-XXXX D-2211 was told to pick up the baseball bat and smash SCP-XXXX with all of his force. When D-2211 picked up the baseball bat and was about to swing the bat and strike SCP-XXXX, but before D-2211 was able to swing the bat below D-2211's shoulders, SCP-XXXX started playing a noise that caused D-2211 to freeze. After three(3) seconds of being exposed to the noise D-2211's veins started to pulse throughout his body. After five(5) seconds, SCP-XXXX stopped playing the noise and D-2211 fell to the ground dead with primary flaccidity and the baseball bat still in D-2211's hands. Later X-ray's show that D-2211's heart has [DATA EXPUNGED] during the test.

Test 36-Gamma: [[ERROR ERROR]][[ FILE CORRUPTED!!!]]
Due to a corrupted file, the only data left of Test 36-Gamma is an audio file taken at the time of the testing.

Dr.█████: Ok D-3654 please enter the testing cell.

D-3654: Ok doc.

D-3654 enters the cell

D-3654: What is that, a radio?

Dr.█████: That is SCP-XXXX.

D-3654: What does it do, does it cause you to shit your pants or does it turn into a robot that eats babies?

D-3654 start's inspecting SCP-XXXX

Dr.█████: Nope it's a radio with anomalous properties, why do you care?

D-3654: Well doc I'm confused why you woke me up at 11:50 to do a test with an SCP.

Dr.█████: Don't ask stupid questions D-3654, now, I need you to hold on to the knob on SCP-XXXX that says tuning, and don't let the knob turn no matter what.

D-3654: Ok.

Dr.█████: Good, now you should start to feel some force in 3…2…1

Time turns to 12:00 AM 4/3/20██

D-3654: Wow, it's starting to move, is this you doc?

Dr.█████: No, don't that knob turn.

D-3654: God, this is starting to get harder, doc when can I stop?

D-3654 starts to sweat and grunt the longer he holds the knob


SCP-XXXX forcefully turns the tuning knob

D-3654: ahh fuuuck! my figures!

Dr.█████: D-3654 what happened?!

D-3654 falls to the ground clenching his hand

D-3654: fuck! my finger tips are gone!

D-3654 starts to cries profusely

SCP-XXXX starts to play station 93.6

D-3654:ha…haha..hahaha! I if feel happy! Don't you feel happy doc?!bahahaha! Today's a wonderful day to be alive!

Dr.█████: Ugghhh, terminate testing, wait until SCP-XXXX stops then turn it off and retrieve D-3654 and send him to the infirmary, then clean the blood off of SCP-XXXX's tuning knob.

Post Medical Report: When SCP-XXXX forcefully moved its knob with enough for it tore the skin and bits of flesh off of D-3654s fingertips showing the bone.

Addendum 1684-g:Interview log

Interviewed:Doug, █████


Foreword: 9 months after the indecent at site-█, foundation agents have located the owner of the house that SCP-XXXX was located in. After agents apprehended the owner of the home Mr.Doug █████, he willingly complied with an interview to release more information about SCP-XXXX and admitted that he was the owner of SCP-XXXX.

<Begin Log>

Doug, █████:Sure.

Dr.Gears:Now, can you please tell how you came into possession of SCP-XXXX?

Doug, █████:Well I actually, that radio is the last thing my grand dad gave me before he past away.

Dr.Gears:So you inherited it?

Doug, █████:Yes, before he died he always used talk about that radio, he never let it out of his sight and he always had it with him, but he never turned it on. I always thought it had some sort of sentimental value to him.

Dr.Gears:Did he actually let anyone turn it on?

Doug, █████:No he never even let anyone touch it let alone turn the damn thing on, but I always had an interest in it, I don't know why but it just always fascinated in that radio. And when I asked him "if I could listen to some music with the radio?" he said "NO, this radio has a demon inside it" I always thought It was weird "old man" dementia.

Dr.Gears:Did he show any odd behavior with the radio, besides never letting it out of his sight?

Doug, █████:Yeah actually, one day my parents sent me to my grand fathers house to spend the night, it was like any other time and grand dads. Until the next morning something weird happened, I started to hear music coming from the living room, and when I went to go check it out I noticed my grand dad was still sleeping. When I found the source of the music it was coming from the radio. I didn't really question why it was so I just turned it off. When I turned it off, I noticed that my grand dad was standing in the cor adore a with the look of amazement, and he went up to and said "you can break free of the demons command the demon command". I had no Idea what he meant I'll I heard was sad music nothing else.

*Dr.Gears writes on the clip board*

Doug, █████:Oh, hold on let me think, he said it once before.

Dr.Gears:Take your time.

Doug, █████:AH, he said he got it at a Police auction.

Dr.Gears:A Police auction? where did this Police station get these items were they auctioning off?

Doug, █████:I don't know, it was just some random shit they got when they raided a warehouse of some sort of cult, I don't remember the name though.

Dr.Gears:This is probably asking a lot, but do you know where the location of when and where the raid took place?

Doug, █████:I don't fucking know, but it was a by a Police station in [DATA EXPUNGED] and it happened in 19██

*Dr.Gears writes on clip board*

Dr.Gears:Thank you for the information you provided, but It doesn't explain why the radio was in an abandoned and not in your own home.

Doug, █████:Oh, right. When I was first given the radio I started to notice that people on the side walk outside my house reacted to the differently to the station's that were on, but you guys probably already know that, but then I turn it on to the station that plays death metal. When I turned that station on, the too squirrels that were out side my window started to rip each other apart thank god no one was on the side walk when I turned on the station. When I found this out I realized I can't have this in my home. I have nieces and nephews that come to my house all the time, and I can't risk one of them accidentally turning the radio on and killing each other because of it, and I can't just hide the radio because it turns on by itself.
Dr.Gears:So what did you do?

Doug, █████:I noticed that the house next to me has been abandoned since the 1960's with no sign of anyone buying it anytime soon, so I broke in their and placed the radio in a part of the house that is difficult to get to. Then I realized that it goes off at certain dates, so what I made a timer that notified me an hour before the radio goes off so I could have enough time to get to radio and not alert anyone of the music playing.

Dr.Gears:Ok, I can understand that, but how can you explain the brawl that happened at the house?

Doug, █████: