Item: SCP-3054

Object class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3054 is to be contained within a 10 meter by 10 meter humanoid containment facility within Site-04, outfitted with four 2x2 meter one-way black mirrors. In the case of containment breach involving SCP-3054, all nearby personal are to enter prebuilt Scranton antimemetic chambers. In addition, Mobile Task Force Theta-7 (Crocodile Dundees) will be dispatched to administer tranquilizers and re-establish containment.

SCP-3054 is to be fed a standard three times per day, at times 06:00, 11:00, 16:00, and 23:00. If at any time SCP-3054 shows any signs of emotional distress, extra sustenance or a female howler monkey will be introduced to the facility until SCP-3054 has been sated.

Description: SCP-3054 is a male Central American brown howler monkey, of estimated age 3-5 years. Aside from its primary anomaly, SCP-3054 shows no anomalous traits and is physically and psychologically identical to other monkeys of its genus.

SCP-3054’s anomalous abilities manifest upon any form of emotional distress. This effect's influence corresponds to the emotional state of SCP-3054. Upon manifestation, non-anomalous human beings within the vicinity of SCP-3054 will be subject to vivid hallucinations, and develop severe emotional distress, to the point of existential dread. The influence of SCP-3054's effect ceases as SCP-3054 is brought to nominal levels of distress.

Test log: [REDACTED]


Many have asked us why SCP-3054 is kept alive, and if that, awake. Why not keep him asleep

like SCP-239?

The following information has been cleared for every person with Level 2 credentials and higher.

On 2/02/2015, SCP-3054 breached containment, resulting in the death of [DATA EXPUNGED]

personnel and [DATA CORRUPTED] civilians. Why? It got mad because someone forgot to feed

it, and O5-4 just happened to be doing routine inspection on Site-04 that day. The vivid

hallucinations produced by SCP-3054 caused Four to active Site-04's Kinetic Orbital Strike in a

panic, causing the equivalent of 9,500 tons of TNT to be dropped on Site-04's outlying area. All

the agents surveying? Dead. The mothers driving their sons and daughters to soccer? Dead.

It's one hell of an evil creature, but it's one hell of a thing we need to study. If we could

reproduce the effect, imagine the possibilities. That's why this thing is alive. That's why it's awake;

a memetic weapon for the good of all mankind.

The O5 Council