The Last Hero

Item #: SCP-4000

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4000 is to be kept in a cell furnished with luxury furniture and items, a luxury bathroom, and a gaming setup made from the best parts. Subject is allowed to freely wander the facility and eat in the main canteen. A tracking device has been attached to SCP-4000 and is not to be removed. Subject is not allowed outside the facility. Violence is not to be used against SCP-4000 under any circumstances. SCP-4000 has escaped containment alongside SCP-4001, SCP-058, and SCP-616.

Description: SCP-4000 appears to be a teenage Caucasian male of Chinese or Taiwanese descent, 7 feet tall and 250 lbs, with black hair and black eyes. Arms, legs, spinal cord, and shoulder blades of the subject appear to have been replaced with a similar bone structure to SCP-096. Subject appears to wear a purple cape, a denim fedora, and a business suit. There is a name engraved into the forehead of the subject, which appears to say "Incomplexifi". Subject does need to eat and drink on a regular basis.

SCP-4000, who refers to itself as "Incomp" or "Rick", is generally polite and genial to all who speak to it. It is very helpful, and enjoys aiding personnel in their daily actions, whatever they may be. It has highly detailed knowledge of ancient to recent events in history, and most commonly spoken languages in the world, including ones that have since died out. Subject has professed to having a photographic memory, remembering word-for-word all text including slang that was flicked through in a minute. It has scored high in all intelligence tests given to it.

Most violence directed towards SCP-4000 reflects any damage inflicted on SCP-4000 directly back onto the attacker, although SCP-4000 visibly remains unharmed. This applies to any damage directed at SCP-4000. Except for those who possess anomaly properties such as SCP-4001.

Additional Notes: SCP-4000 was found by interpol in 20██, having been taken in after subject had been found amidst the bodies of several violent mobsters. SCP-4000 told interpol that the mob had attempted to rob it, but became angry after SCP-4000 defended and then they attempted to kill SCP-4000, which resulting in their own demise. SCP-4000 was incarcerated, and was deemed a "John Doe" when interpol could not find any information on it. SCP-4000 came to the attention of the Foundation through a routine inspection of "John Does", and was subsequently released into our custody.

Addendum 4000-A: In light of SCP-4000's indestructible nature, photographic memory, and general will to please, high command have deemed that all information is to be "backed up" on SCP-4000, ensuring it is not lost in the event of a catastrophe. While this action has met with mixed responses, SCP-4000 has agreed and sworn itself to secrecy on its part.

Addendum 4000-B: When information concerning SCP-4001 was brought to the attention of SCP-4000 for "containment procedures", subject showed familiarity with the information, although was disinclined to adding to it, despite the fact that it stated that it already knew all about SCP-4001 as he claimed they met somewhere.

Addendum 4000-C: When SCP-4000 was contained, we have done many experiments with him, such as it's ability to quickly neutralize SCP-682 and it's ability to continue staring at SCP-173. He has proven that he can breach containment but chooses not to, both stealthily or **loudly.

Addendum 4000-D: Dr.████: If SCP-4000 has enough fragments of Frisk's soul, oh fucking hell… NO NO NO PLEASE!!! [MASSIVE DATA LOSS] OH GOD FUCKING NO!