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Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX is to be kept in a soundproof safe with access granted for testing to Level 3 personnel or higher. Tests are only to be allowed in a soundproof chamber measuring at least 2x2x2 meters and any personnel must undergo psychological observation post testing. Every two (2) months the safe containing SCP-XXX must be opened and checked for currency within SCP-XXX. Should SCP-XXX be full, procedure XXX-A is to be initiated.

Description: SCP-XXX is a glass jar holding 1,5 litres with the words “Swear Jar” written on it. Should expletives be used within a two (2) m radius, currency will appear within SCP-XXX. Opening the lid of SCP-XXX causes one of the following effects to appear to subjects within its range:

  • Aggressive behaviour with increased use of expletives
  • Suicidal tendencies
  • Coprolalia combined with Copropaxia

The type of currency appearing in SCP-XXX, depends on the language used and has the corresponding expletive written on it with black marker. The origin of the currency is as of yet unknown, as it does not seem to copy or transfer it but rather generate it by its own.
Despite that ,no anomalous behaviour is shown by the currency and is safe for use.

Procedure XXX-A: The lid is to be opened and the money collected by D-class personnel, which is later to be terminated. All money generated by SCP-XXX goes to Foundation funds.

Test Log XXX-01A: This test was conducted to clarify, if SCP-XXX is capable of distinguishing between expletives and descriptions of certain objects/subjects.

Setup:One (1) D-class personnel (D-6735) and various pictures with the instruction to find synonyms for them.
D-6735:Uhm…That’s an ass, a hound…
Researcher: What’s the term for a female dog?
D-6735:Oh! You mean bitch, right?
Researcher:Yes please continue.
D-6735:All right. That would be a cock then, and I think I know, where this is going … a pussy
Researcher:Thank you. Now would you please swear a bit?
D-6753:Sure thing, fucker.
Test ended
Result: Except for the last word (1 US-Dollar), no money appeared within SCP-XXX.