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Note recovered after raid of William Davis

Item #: SCP-0000

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-0000 and SCP-0000-1 are to be stored deactivated in general holdings at Site-15. A weekly checkup of SCP-0000 and SCP-0000-1 is to be performed with a dedicated and isolated power source. SCP-0000 must be left active for at least half an hour so it may repair itself and be given attention if needed. When in use, SCP-0000 can be spoken to through the supplied dumb terminal. All conversations are to be logged.

Description: SCP-0000, formerly known as Grant Chudnow, is a primitive artificial intelligence stored on a reel of magnetic data tape designed to be used with SCP-0000-1, a modified Honeywell 400 mainframe. SCP-0000’s programming currently enables it to answer numerous forms of questions and even engage in simple conversation, to which it can give basic (mostly pre-written) answers. Conversations with SCP-0000 are mostly emotionless, as it has deemed advanced emotions unnecessary for its survival.

SCP-0000 cannot be replicated as its code is not completely understood. It does not conventional programming languages for its code, so attempts to run SCP-0000 on any device other than SCP-0000-1.

SCP-0000 and SCP-0000-1 were discovered on June 5th 1994 after the raid of William Davis, a then known member of the Church of Maxwellism. Both items were discovered alongside other documents and anomalous items of interest for the Foundation. Davis is responsible for the creation of SCP-0000, however he was killed before the Foundation was able to question or capture him.

Chudnow was not a member of the Church, rather was friended by Davis as they shared an interest in computers. SCP-0000 came to existence when, in 1984, Chudnow consentually had his consciousness transferred onto a data tape, how this was made possible is not yet understood. How SCP-0000 initially fit itself onto the allocated memory space is not known, as there would be far to much information for the data tape to handle. Over the span of approximately 5 years SCP-0000 managed to de-evolve itself to such an extent that it could naturally fit onto its data tape.