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[WARNING! PROJECT FAILED. REASON: grammar, grammar, and GRAMMAR!. oh, and also an uninteresting enough (like seriously, THIS IS NOT A GENERIC MONSTER STUFF, DAMNIT. It got motive, backstory, story, and any kind of stuff you demanded) FIX: being reviewed by the critter(oh hello!)]

Several flaws that you may encounter:
-this scp is an entity which you know as "generic monster".
-my mind isn't that creative.

Item #: SCP-xxxx

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures:
Six watchtowers have been constructed around Mount A████ to monitor the activity of SCP-xxxx. Provisional Site-363 has been built near Mount A████ for storing five helicopters and several heavy weapons. Anyone besides The Foundation personnel or person with the right to know about SCP-xxxx who tried to obtain or have any information about SCP-xxxx by approaching the SCP-xxxx location, Site-363, or questioning local people, will be questioned and given standard amnestic drugs. Any suspicious activity around SCP-xxxx location or Site-363 must be investigated without any delay by any personnel who spotted it.

If SCP-xxxx breaches containment, one or two or three helicopters will be deployed to lure SCP-xxxx back to Mount A████ crater. If standard protocol fails, MTF Eta-5 ("Jäeger Bombers") will be sent to the location for bombing SCP-xxxx when necessary. All available personnel on location must contain SCP-xxxx as soon as possible while protecting the civilians that too close with SCP-xxxx or in danger. Any witnesses or civilians are to be detained and given medical attention if necessary. Following this, they are to be treated with Class-A Amnestics and released. In the event that SCP-xxxx is not quickly recontained, evacuation of the nearest cities is to be considered a top priority.

Description: SCP-xxxx is an entity which is currently contained inside a volcanic mountain. SCP-xxxx is a humanoid entity, completely made of stone(presumably Andesite stone), standing approximately 380m in height. SCP-xxxx intends to destroy all human structure and vehicles(house, rice field, car, etc) in sight. However, SCP-xxxx doesn't attack living entity like human, animal or plant and likely to avoid harming them. SCP-xxxx live inside Mount A████, B███. No anomalies detected on the mountain. While SCP-xxxx is primarily dormant, it occasionally attempts to breach containment. At the time of SCP-xxxx's first escape the mountain, its body was covered in magma from the mountain, which cooled over the course of the next several hours. This development served to increase the mobility of SCP-xxxx. SCP-xxxx breach also triggers Mount A████ eruption.

SCP-xxxx first appeared on 11/13/2017 from the crater. Agent ████ was on the location when SCP-xxxx starts destroying the local village. Agent ████ quickly contacting one of the SCP Call centers. The SCP Foundation alerted I███████ government about this entity. Foundation personnel arrived on the scene 4 hours later and began attempts to contain SCP-xxxx while evacuating the civilians nearby SCP-xxxx. Local police also tried to help on evacuation. After 3 hours of attacking the entity, one of the personnel recommended to luring SCP-xxxx back to the crater using one of the helicopters. After the Foundation personnel manages to lure SCP-xxxx to the crater, SCP-xxxx movement starts to slow down until SCP-xxxx fully drowned in lava. After one hour, no more movement from SCP-xxxx.

After SCP-xxxx has been contained inside the mountain, all injured (personnel, local people, policemen) were treated and all civilian were given standard amnestic drugs. Local media was told that Mount A████ has erupted.

Addendum 1: Investigating SCP-xxxx origins.

Addendum 2: Meeting with the president.

Addendum 3: neutralizing SCP-xxxx.