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After incident XXXX-A the previous document is only for historical and documentation purposes.

Incident XXXX-A: During a routine test of SCP-XXXX the button was able to be pressed down a 5th time. It then proceeded to make a unknown entity appear dubbed XXXX-1, which led to the destruction of the testing chamber and SCP-XXXX. the entity then proceeded to [DATA EXPUNGED] killing all guards and researchers in its path, causing a complete breach of site-73. XXXX-1 then proceeded to head to the nearest human population center at speeds exceeding ███ km/h. All Mobile Task Forces in the area were notified and set out after the escaped entity. After reaching the town of █████ the entity seemed to [DATA EXPUNGED], after which it then disappeared from all satellite imaging and after all Mobile Task Forces arrived at the town of they found no traces of the entity. The Mobile Task Forces searched the town and found no traces of any remaining townsfolk except for a seemingly homeless Latino male who was then taken to site-73 for questioning.

Interview log: XXXX-B

Something in a box
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be held in a standard humanoid containment cell furnished with a bed and a desk. A picture of the entity XXXX-1 is to be posted on each of XXXX cells walls. He is to be shown a video recording of the incident and be quizzed as to the exact details of the entity once a day. The door to XXXX’s cell is to be guarded by no less than one armed guards at all times. XXXX should be fed with a standard D-class Protein meal. Should any important objects or personal be denied by XXXX he is to be knocked out immediately and given class D-amnestic. If XXXX denys a portion of his cell and attempts an escape he is to be recaptured and put back in his cell after the wall has reappeared.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a 35-year-old male of Latino decent from the town of █████. He was found to be the sole survivor of the town after incident XXXXA. XXXX appearance is that of a normal human male with no unique markings or genetic defects.

XXXX properties manifest when XXXX denies the existence of any object or living being. After XXXX denies the objects existence the object disappears from existence and seems to leave no trace of ever having existed at all. The people around the disappearing object and those who witness the event ether through recorded camera feeds or through live video surveillance notice the event and are able to recall what the object was. All those not near the object when it disappears will claim to have no memory of that object ever existing. It seems the object cannot be larger then XXXX and has to be within view of the SCP in order to be denied by him. Test logs can be viewed in document test log XXXX 1-5.

Once an object has been denied by SCP-XXXX it will not reappear until XXXX forgets the object or a detail about the object. XXXX has a photographic memory and is able to memorize every detail of any object he sees but seems to only be able to fully memorize 5 objects before he forgets details of the first object causing it to reappear. Use of amnestics seems to cause any objects that where denied by XXXX to reappear.

Test Log XXXX-1 Object: Standard Pencil Result: XXXX denied the existence of the pencil causing it to disappear from view. After the pencil disappeared XXXX was given class D Amnestics, after XXXX was given the amnestics the pencil reappeared.
Test Log XXXX-2 Object: Metal Chair Result: XXXX denied the chair existed. It reappeared after 4 days when XXXX was told repeatedly that the chair was wood, after 3 days XXXX forgot a detail of the chair and it then reappeared where it was.
Test Log XXXX-3 Object: D-1743 Result: XXXX denied D-1743 existed causing him to disappear from view. XXXX was given class D-Amnestics after 5 hours causing D-1743 to reappear where he was standing. D-1743 seemed to be unaffected by the denial. Subject did report being cold after he reappeared, but this passed a couple of minutes after reappearing.
Test Log XXXX-4 Object: SCP-XXXX Result: [DATA EXPUNGED]
Test Log XXXX-5 Object: XXXX's cell wall Result: The entire wall of his cell disappeared allowing staff to walk straight through. He was then given class D-Amnestics and the wall reappeared.

All Further tests with SCP-XXXX are suspended indefinitely due to the DoorCrakcer incident