Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be kept in an cell approximately 20x45x15 ft in diameter. To keep SCP-XXXX contained the walls are comprised of reinforced concrete, and the glass is bulletproof. SCP-XXXX's cell contains a 13x14x11 ft shed, used by SCP-XXXX as sleeping quarters.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a humanoid archosaurian organism, of unknown origins. It is covered in long, downy "fur", which has led researchers to class it as a relative of the maniraptoran theropods. It is around 13ft in height. It appears to be able to communicate using an as-of-yet unidentified language resembling that of the ██████ people. SCP-XXXX has female reproductive organs, and as such has been identified as female.

The head of SCP-XXXX is rather similar to that of the species Palaeosuchus palpebrosus, apart from the back of its skull. Two small horns protrude from the temporal fenestrae, culminating in structures resembling those of Cervus elaphus. These appear to be used for attack, as SCP-XXXX has been seen using them to attempt to damage the reinforced concrete walls of its containment cell.


D-14131 was placed into SCP-XXXX's containment area with a microphone and was asked to attempt to interview SCP-XXXX.

D-█████: Okay, so I guess I'll start the interview now.
SCP-XXXX simply grunted in reply.
D-█████: Are you able to speak English?
SCP-XXXX ignored D-14131, lying down and rolling onto its side.
D-█████: Listen, you … whatever you are. I don't wanna do this either. If you just hurry up we can get on with our lives.
SCP-XXXX: Fine … only as you said I can just do what I want afterwards …
D-█████: That's not what I sai-nevermind. Let's just get started here.
D-█████: How are you feeling being in this dump … ?
Researcher ███: Stick to the script.
D-█████: Fine …
SCP-XXXX: Do I have any choice to stay here? I hate it, but this is the only place I can go …
D-█████: Any more comment?
SCP-XXXX rolls onto its back and closes its eyes.
D-█████: Aw come on!

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