Shadow Angel


Object class: keter
special containment procedures:

SCP XXXX is to be kept in a 7 by 7 by 8 meter dark room. If any light is to enter the room, immediate lockdown is to be triggered. The source of light is to then be neutralized, with the exception of Dr. B██ ████████. if light protocalls are ignored, [see addendum 1].

SCP XXXX is to be given a shabby pillow, and a thin sheet. if these are to go missing, contact Dr. B██ ████████ in order to get new items. due to severe mood swings in scp xxxx, there is to be a .5m thick door instead of regular containment doors. If at all costs the door is to break, scp xxxx will atempt to break containment [see addendum 1-a]. Never, under any circumstances let any personel enter the containment without clearence from level 4 or higher personel.

Description: SCP XXXX