Special Containment Procedures: The Bathtub is to be contained in a 9 foot by 9 foot by 5 foot cell, with at least one instance of SCP staff present at all times outside the cell. No personnel under class C may be permitted to enter without permission from higher SCP staff.

Description: The Bathtub is a 3 foot by 1 foot by 5 feet bathtub that has an electric thermometer with two arrow shaped buttons on opposing sides of the thermometer that adjust the temperature of the water that flows from a faucet placed directly below the thermometer and another circular button placed between the two buttons that turns the faucet on and off.

All living organisms who perceive The Bathtub will begin to feel an ever increasing urge to enter the bathtub and bathe in the water from the faucet. Upon entering the bathtub, the subject, now classified as The Bathtub-2, will turn on the faucet and proceed to bathe in the water, now referred to as The Bathtub-3.
Within 1 hour of exposure of The Bathtub-3, The Bathtub-2 will then interrupt their bathing to attempt to increase the temperature by about 1 degree Fahrenheit every 5 minutes. After another hour of exposure, The Bathtub-2 will now increase the temperature by 2 degrees Fahrenheit every 5 minutes. This will continue until The Bathtub-2 is so completely mutilated by the temperature that they are either dead, or incapable of movement. Once The Bathtub-2 is The Bathtub will then begin to slowly digest The Bathtub-2 and will [DATA EXPUNGED].
The Bathtub-2 will not react to any sensory stimulation except removal from The Bathtub. Attempts to remove The Bathtub-2 from The Bathtub has resulted in extreme violence from The Bathtub-2, and loss of consciousness once removed from The Bathtub. Instances of The Bathtub-2 removed from The Bathtub via machinery, once administered amnesiacs do not exhibit any unusual behaviors from a normal human.

The Bathtub-3 , although similar to normal water density and taste-wise, is most definitely not, and will not evaporate once heated to 100 degrees Celsius, but instead will [DATA EXPUNGED] once heated to 300 degrees Celsius. Any personnel observing instances of The Bathtub-3 will not exhibit any abnormal behaviors, but instead will attempt to drink it. Ingestion of The Bathtub-3 will result in severe to fatal scalding of the interal organs no matter the temperature before ingestion and usually, results in death. The Bathtub-3 is mostly composed of a [DATA EXPUNGED] compound, along with an unusual amount of tantalum. SCP staff is not permitted to view The Bathtub or its resulting materials at any time unless ordered to do so by higher SCP staff