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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe Euclid, after testing


An image of a microwave similar to SCP-XXXX. All photos of SCP XXXX have been destroyed in nuclear fire.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3124 is housed in a lead lined steel room in site ███. SCP-XXXX has been moved to is housed in a locked lead box in a bunker 5 miles under Site ██████, managed by Task Force Beta 7. The bunker has five foot thick lead walls. The room is steel lined and surrounded by thick concrete with a large lead lined blast door due to SCP-XXXX being extremely radioactive. Access is only permitted for research only by appointed personnel.

Description: SCP-XXXX appears to be a pre 1960's microwave with anomalous mutative properties. These properties come from the fact that the microwave produces gamma waves instead of normal microwaves. This analogous device was found frozen in the Russian tundra. It was seen as a radiation hot spot and was investigated, There was a large crater with the Gamma wave with the epicenter, suggesting an explosive event happened in the area. Below the window there is large printing that reads GAMMA WAVE. It also has no external power cord, suggesting that it has an internal power supply.
SCP-XXXX does seem to display some sentience. Whenever someone tries to remove the back panel of SCP-XXXX it releases a large blast of gamma rays, mutating or killing all people inside of its containment.
To enter SCP-XXXX's containment Agents must don hazmat suits double lead lined hazmat suits. But even this is not enough to save the men from SCP-XXXX's gamma blast. Multiple tests were run on SCP-XXXX.

Security Feed From SCP-XXXX's Chamber

Test 1
15:46: SCP-XXXX is sitting on a strong wooden table.
15:46: Two researchers enter the room, they are both in hazmat suits, one carrying a Geiger counter.
15:47: The door seals behind them.
15:48: One of the researchers goes around to the back of SCP-XXXX
15:49: The researcher produces a screwdriver from a pocket in his hazmat suit.
15:49: He carefully starts to unscrew the back panel.
15:50: A blast of gamma radiation over 1,000,000 rads is recorded, both men drop dead and the Geiger counter overloads and explodes. Security camera shorts and is destroyed as well.

Notes: 719 people within a 4 mile radius were found to have received a lethal dose of radiation from SCP-XXXX. SCP-XXXX needs better containment. And to be reclassified as Euclid.

Test 2
10:41: SCP-XXXX is in its locked lead box sitting on a lead and steel table.
10:42: Two researchers enter the room, they are both wearing the special lead hazmat suits. One is pushing a cart with multiple microwave dinners and a larger Geiger counter.
10:43: The first researcher produces a key from his hazmat suit and unlocks the box containing SCP-3124, immediately the Geiger counter jumps to 1,000 rads as soon as the box is open. Rad meters inside of hazmat suits read zero.
10:44: The researcher removes SCP-XXXX from the box and sets it on the table. The other researcher opens a V███████ brand macaroni and cheese bowl and adds water and the cheese sauce.
10:45: The researchers open the SCP-XXXX and place the bowl inside. They set the dial to 2 minutes.
10:46: The door of SCP-XXXX is blown open and a sentient anthropomorphic creature made of macaroni and cheese sauce flies at one of the researchers. It wraps around his head and pulls off his hazmat helmet. He dies of radiation. The same happens to the other researcher.

Notes: No radiation exited the containment room. The microwave mac and cheese creature was captured and is waiting to be classified as a Keter. No more tests will be run on SCP-XXXX until a better way to run them is found.