Item #: SCP-4937

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4937 is to be kept in a vacuum. When personnel wish to interact with SCP-4937 complete hearing protection must be worn by all personnel within a 11 metre radius of SCP-4937. SCP-4937 is required to be in a vacuum chamber to negate all sound that it emits. If any personnel is to make physical or aural contact with SCP-4937 the door to the containment cell is to be locked and secured until the subject can be detained. Should anyone under the influence of SCP-4937 be released out of a secure chamber they are to be executed on site if they have made any contact with other personnel.

Description: Recovered from Mexico in 1988 SCP-4937 is a small stone disc approximately 130mm in diameter and 1.5cm thick, with engravings resembling that of the Aztecs. It’s engravings depict the story of a priest who used a cannibalistic ritual to resurrect a large hooded figure (SCP-4937-1) who would cause an eternal eclipse of the sun and bring about the apocalypse. SCP-4937 emits a white noise that causes anyone within a 10 metre (32 foot) radius to go into a fit of fanatic rage and attempt to sacrifice the nearest person to attempt to summon SCP-4937-1. Personnel affected by the sound emitted by SCP-4937 have been seen attempting to sacrifice themselves if they can’t get to anyone in their immediate vicinity. If personnel comes in direct physical contact with SCP-4937, without being exposed to its noise, they are temporarily transported to a pocket realm (of which no footage has been recorded inside) and upon returning they are often mentally changed although mental effects vary.

There have only ever been two first hand sightings of SCP-4937-1. The first encounter with SCP-4937-1 occurred when three Class-D personnel being exposed to the white noise given off by SCP-4937, they went into a fanatic rage and began sacrificing one of the unlucky Class-D. Upon almost completing the ritual, SCP-4937-1 appeared and all those who saw him subsequently committed suicide and all footage that showed SCP-4937-1 was scrambled, distorted and later destroyed. The second encounter with SCP-4937-1 occurred under similar circumstances however upon witnessing SCP-4937-1 all but one personnel committed suicide. The scientist who survived was a person of Mexican descent, afterwards he was moved to a secure location to be questioned but due to trauma was unable to answer many questions and only provided a vague description of SCP-4937-1. Further questioning is unavailable as the scientist later hung himself however it has been assumed that this is not related to any effects of SCP-4937-1 but is due to mental trauma. Subject’s brief description of SCP-4937-1 was that of a tall hunched over pale humanoid wearing a cloak.
The engravings on SCP-4739 upon discovery were assumed by local elders to be a description of an ancient ritual to summon a humanoid reincarnation of Mictlāntēcutli, the Aztec god of death and that he will bring about some kind of apocalyptic event for reasons unclear. Foundation personnel later speculated that SCP-4937-1 may be this god however while it is a backed up theory it is still unclear whether or not SCP-4937-1 is in fact Mictlāntēcutli, further testing is required.
Further questioning of a local elder who has stated to have descended from a line of high priests has led to a certain theory that (assuming SCP-4937-1 is Mictlāntēcutli) should Mictlāntēcutli come back, that he will reshape reality in his image and bring about a new age of the Aztec's. This theory has been considered as one of the high risk outcomes theories.

Experiments conducted by Dr. █████████
Experiment #1. Upon direct physical contact with SCP-4937 the Class-D personnel disappeared for what I estimated to be around 3 seconds before reappearing. Upon reappearing the Class-D personnel dropped to the ground and began to throw up, his oxygen suit was covered in blood and he had blood in his mouth.
5:00 since reappearing: SCP-4937 Class-D personnel has curled up in a ball and is on the floor, repeating the phrase “El Diablo, El Diablo” (Spanish for “the Devil, the Devil”).
1:00:00 since reappearing: Class-D personnel has been removed from the same room as SCP-4937 and has been placed in an empty room, he has began throwing himself against the walls and screaming non-stop.
26:13:00 since reappearing: Class-D personnel has shot himself using a security members rifle after he was meant to be moved to an interview room to talk to a therapist, further research is to be conducted.

Further Experiment Notes from Dr. █████████
Further experiments conducted with SCP-4937 has shown varied mental and physical effects on Class-D and surrounding personnel. Notable effects include:
Class-D personnel returning with rampant cannibalistic tendencies, some even began attempting to eat their own limbs with no regard for pain.
Class-D returning with the common side effect of suicidal tendencies due to mental trauma.
Class-D returning with schizophrenia.
Class-D seeing objects or creatures that aren't really there.
Class-D becoming obsessive over self harm and constantly trying to physically harm themselves with anything in their vicinity.
Personnel becoming nauseated upon looking at SCP-4937 for prolonged periods of time.