SCP-Runner's High (A Spooky Stairwell)

This is going to be a SCP about an EXTREMELY tall staircase instead of an extremely deep one.

(It also isn't like 3333 because it isn't a horror piece, it's just weird, and the point is how absurdly big the stairwell is instead of that there's something scary in it. The scary monster here is very polite even if the Foundation uses it as a memetic kill agent later in the piece!)

Instead of being Very Spooky it eventually turns into a philosophical discussion regarding extremely high numbers and philosophy-of-math stuff.


Figure 1: View of SCP-RUNNER'S-HIGH from the bottom of the stairwell of ███████████


Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: All doors leading to the stairwell that SCP-RUNNER’S-HIGH is located in are to be locked and boarded. The original occupants of ███████████ have been relocated and the apartment complex has been repurposed as housing for Class C[?] personnel.

In the event that an individual is subjected to the effects of SCP-RUNNER’S-HIGH, amnestics will be provided to all observers, video evidence of the event will be deleted and replaced, a cover story will be provided to the victim’s family, and the instance of SCP-RUNNER’S-HIGH-04 generated by the event will be stored in a standard anomalous object locker in site XX.

Description: SCP-RUNNER’S-HIGH is a phenomenon located in a stairwell in ███████████, an apartment complex located in [REDACTED]. It manifests if a human living being is to travel uninterrupted from the bottom of the stairwell to the thirteenth (normally the top) floor of the apartment complex. Upon reaching this floor, the subject will find that the stairwell continues upwards beyond where the roof would normally be, and progressing beyond this point will trigger the following four phenomena:

  1. SCP-RUNNER’S-HIGH-01 is the stairwell itself, which continues upwards for a seemingly infinite number of floors. As the subject progresses upwards into SCP-RH-01, they will experience visual distortions of the stairwell, as well as a progressively more extreme time dilation effect. These effects appear to coincide with lapses in concentration in the subject, with time dilation in particular appearing to occur during “blackouts” in transmission. These "blackouts", in turn appear to occur as a result of losing track of how high one is in the stairwell. However, despite this, there is evidence that it is impossible to die of hunger or dehydration while in SCP-RH-01.
  2. SCP-RUNNER'S-HIGH-02 is an unidentified voice speaking with a thick Brooklyn accent. SCP-RUNNER’S-HIGH-02 has been observed to give the subject words of advice and encouragement, often referring to the subject as “slugger”, “tiger”, “bucko”, and other terms of endearment. While SCP-RUNNER'S-HIGH-02 appears to be aware of whoever has entered SCP-RUNNER'S-HIGH-01, communication with it has proved unsuccessful. A list of phrases that SCP-RUNNER'S-HIGH-02 has been observed to say has been provided in Addendum 01.
  3. SCP-RUNNER'S-HIGH-03 is an entity that manifests eight feet behind the subject once they look backwards while in SCP-RUNNER’S-HIGH-01. It will then follow the subject, matching its pace exactly, until the subject ceases movement. Further description of SCP-RUNNER'S-HIGH-03's appearance and abilities are restricted to those with level 3 clearance or above.
  4. SCP-RUNNER'S-HIGH-04 consists of a scorecard detailing the subject’s performance in what is described as “The Bowers-Ababou Long-Form Endurance Test”. Under most circumstances, the wording of the scorecard remains static, with the only variable being the number of flights of stairs the subject had climbed once entering the bottom of the stairwell. Incidences of SCP-RUNNER’S-HIGH-04 materialize 30 cm to the north of the subject once the subject is transported out of SCP-RUNNER’S-HIGH-01 and back into the lobby of ███████████. The wording of SCP-RUNNER'S-HIGH-04 is as follows:

“The Bowers-Ababou Long-Form Endurance Test is a test of cardiovascular and mental endurance. One’s score in the BALFET is to be calculated by the number of flights of stairs they climb before they are rendered unable to continue climbing, minus the number of flights of stairs in the extant stairwell . When the subject completes the test – by any method – they are to be transported to the exterior of the facility with a copy of their scorecard.
Your score is [the number of flights of stairs climbed by the subject]. Excelsior!”

Discovery: SCP-RUNNER’S HIGH first came to the attention of the Foundation when ██████ ███████, age ██, as well as a copy of SCP-RUNNER’S HIGH-04, suddenly materialized in the lobby of ███████████ at 03:02 AM on 05/05/██, having suffered an apparent myocardial infarction and receiving a score of 56 on the BALFET. Video records of the incident were destroyed and the victim’s family was told that ██████ ███████ died from a cardiac arrhythmia resulting from long QT syndrome.

The stuff below here isn't done yet, and an earlier draft included a series of test logs that produced errors. Do you (the reviewer) think I should make that into a table and stick it into a third tab or something?

SCP-RUNNERSHIGH-03 is an entity, referring to itself as "The Pacer", manifesting in the SCP-RUNNERSHIGH-01 once the subject turns their head to look behind themself. It has the appearance of a female humanoid, is roughly five feet tall, and



Figure 2: Video footage of SCP-RUNNER'SHIGH-03 taken from Agent Emeritus ⅋⅋⅋'s SCRAMBLE camera. Visual distortions are not due to camera malfunction. I don't think I need this because there's already a picture of The Pacer