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*Snort* Thirty-Six.

Djoric-Dmatix Proposal| Containment Class: Euclid | Author: Djoric/Dmatix

Part 1: Anomaly: Deleted

Before we dive into the containment procedures, we should note a few things: more specifically, the "object class."

Object Class: Humanoid

So this tells us that it's in some way humanoid.

Threat Level: Green|Circumstantial-Red

This tells us that it's generally safe all around, but in rare cases it's pretty dangerous.

Containment Class: Euclid

And then it tells us the "Object Class" of the anomaly, except it's a Containment Class, and the actual Object Class is "humanoid."

Anyway, enough of that, let's get into the good stuff.

Part 2: Fantastic Humans and Where to Find Them

Instances of SCP-001 are to be contained within standard humanoid containment modules. Under no circumstances are any instances of SCP-001 to be stored at the same site, allowed to interact in any manner, or to be made aware of information regarding other members of the group.

Right off the bat we're getting into a bit of a doozy. You cannot, under any condition, let the instances of SCP-001 near each other, hell, not allowed to even know about each other.

In light of the events resultant in SCP-001-05's death, the use of SCP-001 subjects in the neutralization of anomalous objects is hereby prohibited.

Ah, so we learn that the death of one of the SCP-001 instances did something really bad. We also learn that SCP-001 instances coming into contact with an anomaly made the problem worse.

All care is to be taken to keep SCP-001 subjects alive and unharmed. Recovery and containment of SCP-001 subjects is to be considered highest priority. In the case of a death event, Ouroboros Protocol is to be initiated as soon as possible.

Yeesh, the Foundation really doesn't want them to die. Whatever happened when 001-05 died must have been something catastrophic.

Part 3: …and peace.

We quickly learn that SCP-001 is a group of 36 (as the title implies) humans, each of different ethnicity, backgrounds, gender, age, etc.

However, any anomalous item, entity, or property brought into close proximity with an SCP-001 subject will be greatly modified from its original properties: most often, this will result in a lessening or total nullification of anomalous properties.

Anything that these guys touch become normal again. Simple enough.

The area of these effects will expand in when multiple SCP-001 subjects are brought together,

The more of these guys you put together, the bigger the anomaly nullifying gets.

The death of an SCP-001 subject will result in the manifestation of multiple anomalous entities and phenomena in the area. These manifestations will be of such a scope that traditional containment measures are unfeasible, and will result in significant casualties and collateral damage.

This is why the Foundation doesn't want them to die. When they die, a bunch of anomalies are created, and are more stronger than your standard anomaly, so it's very difficult to contain them.

Next we have a big list of the members of SCP-001 that the Foundation knows about. 14 of them are listed, 6 of them are contained, 6 are uncontained, and 2 have died. Meaning the previously mentioned death event has happened twice since the Foundation arrived.

SCP-001-01 through SCP-001-05 were initially recovered on ██/██/1944 in Jerusalem, during investigation of supposed miracles and other anomalous events in the area by the HMFSCP.

If you don't know what HMFSCP means, it stands for "Her Majesty's Foundation for the Secure Containment of the Paranormal." You might recognize it from Wrong Proposal.

Anyway, back to the proposal itself.

Part 4: The Support of The World:

Here we have an interview log with one of the 001 instances, specifically -001-05. If you remember from earlier, -05 was the one that died, which caused the update to the containment procedures.

Uh oh.

Dr. ████████: You spoke last time of having a specific purpose. Could you please explain?

SCP-001-05: I am here to help set things right.

Dr. ████████: Go on.

SCP-001-05: The world is broken, Doctor, and my brothers and sisters and I are here to heal it, to gather together and prepare the way for what is to come. The process has already been set in motion, though regrettably, there have been some setbacks.

Direct, and to the point. He's not playing around.

He thinks that the world is broken, and that SCP-001 is determined on fixing it. Also note "prepare the way for what is to come." This could be a remark about preparing the world for any eventuality, whatever it may be, or it may be alluding to something different…

-05 then says that he had a peculiar dream.

SCP-001-05: There was a man, a man in rich clothing, like a king or emperor. He kept saying “Where is the tailor? Where is my tailor?” and pacing back and forth. Each time he asked it, another voice would answer “He is close now, he is close at hand”. But he did not arrive. The man became more and more upset, and as he paced moths came and landed on him, and began to eat away at his clothing. His robes began to fray and rot as more and more moths landed on him, and some even bit his skin. But then, the doors opened and there arrived not one tailor, but dozens, led by the most masterful tailor in the kingdom. The king was overjoyed, for he knew he would be saved from the moths that tried to consume him. I woke up then, and I knew. He found me, and I followed him.

Damn. Talk about symbolism.

We have a king, who keeps asking for the tailor. Voices tell him that a tailor is close, but he does not find one. When the king's clothes have been eaten by moths, dozens of tailors, led by the best tailor in all the kingdom, come to save his clothes from the moths.

We can assume that it's implied that the king represents the world, the king's clothes represent humanity, the voices leading the king represents the SCP Foundation, the moths represent anomalies, and the tailors represent SCP-001. The master tailor also representing SCP-001-01 specifically.

What we've gathered so far is that SCP-001 will save the world, as well as humanity, from the anomalous world, while the world was being led astray by the Foundation.

Still on track? Good, let's continue.

We have two separate incident reports. Not one, but two. What else occurred twice? Two of the SCP-001 members were stated to be dead if you remember earlier.

Prepare for some anomaly shenanigans.

Part 5: Birds, Squids, and Math. Oh my!

Self-replicating substance similar in composition to clay. Upon contact with a vertebrate organism, the substance would mold around the host, overwriting the host’s behavior. Without nearby hosts, substance would spread along ground or coalesce into large masses.

Mind-controlling clay that can become bigger by merging into each other. Simple so far.

Eight-winged entity with avian and cephalopodan traits, measuring 70 meters in wingspan and 45 meters tall. Would manifest swarms of entities outwardly similar to crows or ravens, measuring approximately 3 meters in length.

An entity with 8 wings, that has both cephalaopod (squids, octopi, all that) and bird features. Summons crows and ravens 3 meters in length. Keep in mind, 3 meters is as tall as an average one story house.

A series of one hundred and nine great cubicuboctahedrons, measuring approximately a meter in width. Air temperature in a radius of twenty meters of the objects would rise to over 250 º C. Affected areas would immediately cool after exiting the area of effect. Objects were capable of flight at approximately twenty-five kilometers an hour.

If you don't know what a cubicuboctahedron is, this is what they look like.

Anyway, these things caused the area to become very hot, specifically 250 degrees Celsius. That's fucking hot. For the imperial users out there, that's nearly 500 degrees Fahrenheit!

Nine reported Class-3 Biological Revival Scenarios.

We can assume that "Biological Revival Scenarios" caused dead things to come back to life in some way.

Anomalous weather patterns extending approximately 110 km out from the initial event site. Rainfall contained high amounts of fatal pathogens, including Zaire ebolavirus, Escherichia coli, and Variola major.

Zaire ebolavirus is the Ebola virus (obviously), Escherichia coli is E. Coli, and Variola major is smallpox.

All of this is raining from the sky.

Disappearance of SCP-1348. See Document 001-EX.

SCP-1348, for those of you who don't know, is a large cave complex. Although it's unknown exactly how big 1348 is, we can assume it's generally big if it's a cave complex. It disappearing should be cause for worry.

On to the second incident log.

Location: [REDACTED], Islamic Republic of Eastern Samothrace

Uh oh.

They're hungry, you see…gnaws and bites and claws and crunch crunch crunch…old food is better than no food, see? They're very hungry and keep getting hungrier.

-12 talks about something being hungry, biting at something. Just like the moths that ate the king's clothes.

If you remembered back during the first interview with -05, we talked about how the moths represented the anomalies of the world, eating away at humanity.

Semi-amorphous tetrapedal entity measuring approximately 50 m in height and 200 m in length. Entity was resistant to conventional weaponry.

A 200 meter long, 4 legged entity without a clearly defined shape or form. Conventional weapons, like guns, don't really work on it.


Daaaamn. If something so bad it had to be expunged, not redacted, removed from the page all together, after we were shown the terrors from the first incident log, it must have been god damn horrifying.

If it is so bad that it had to be completely removed from the database, it had to be something more horrible than the 200 meter entity, or the 8 legged bird-squid.



Just what is the Foundation wanting to hide here. What monstrosities were birthed that the Foundation decided that no one, not even the O5s, would have to see it.

Reappearance of SCP-1348. See Document 001-EX for notable alterations.

Phew. 1348 is back. Except it changed a little.

Nuclear deployment authorized by the Board of Overseers at 08:17. Ourobouros Protocol initiated at 08:46, completing at 07:30. Protocol was carried out at 61 % efficiency.

They had to resort to nuclear bombs to deal with these things. Nuclear fucking bombs. Those things can level a city instantly, and it was only carried out at a measly "61" percent efficiency. Mother of fuck….

Notes: The Islamic Republic of Eastern Samothrace has been classified as SCP-1173 on account of reality instability caused by flaws in the operation of Ourobouros Protocol.

If you remember, this is where SCP-001-12, the one that caused all this, died. Essentially, the Foundation accidentally created SCP-1173.

Estimated civilian casualties: 175,000

In the last incident, it was noted that there were only 10,000 civilian casualties, now the amount has been multiplied 15 times over.

Part 6: Old Friends

Document 001-EX is a document about SCP-001 members interacting with other anomalies. The first one is SCP-361, which if you don't know is an artifact that basically serves as a helper for doing rituals to deities and all that.

SCP-361: Welcome to HarusCo! We- oh, it’s you.

SCP-001-02: So it would seem.

Straight off the bat, it tells us that they've had a history together, or have at least met before in the past.

Well, kid, we guess this is goodbye. We know we and your boss didn’t always see eye to eye, but we had a good run, overall. It’s been fun.

Well, something bad is going to happen, but we don't know what. They're saying their last goodbyes and everything.

The next test is with SCP-738, which is a set of furniture that allows you to deal with the devil. Literally.

SCP-738-4: Really time for the scrap, eh?

Scrap is a very interesting word to use here, since the only usage that would make sense is as thus:

discard or remove from service (a retired, old, or inoperative vehicle, vessel, or machine),

Something is ending, it's being discarded away, and it's gonna be big.

Next up on the chopping block is SCP-1295, a group of 4 old men that are always in a diner. Whenever they aren't in a diner, bad things start to happen.

SCP-001-014: Gentlemen, if I might have a moment of your time?

SCP-1295-4: Why, look who's finally here! Boy, do you know how long we've been waiting for you to show up? What took you?

Okay, now they have met before.

I would like you to remember that we live in different times. This task requires a surgeon's scalpel, not a broadsword. You'll need to be gentle, this time around.

Oooh, that's new. They aren't just lamenting about some big event, they're actually going to do something that requires a gentle touch.

Next up is a bit different. It isn't an 001 member talking to an anomaly, it's 1348 if you remember from earlier. After the death of -05, 1348 disappeared, and with the death of -12, it returned, but changed slightly. Let's see those changes.

Five (5) new instances of SCP-1348-1 appeared in SCP-1348's inner chamber. Unlike the previously discovered SCP-1348-1-E, these new instances appeared to be in perfect health. Said instances were found performing SCP-1348-2.

If you don't know, SCP-1348-1 is a humanoid within SCP-1348 that preforms rituals, known as SCP-1348-2. These instances were all preforming SCP-1348-2.

The ritual designated SCP-1348-2 has been altered, likely due to the presence of the aforementioned instances of SCP-1348-1. Performance of the altered SCP-1348-2 by instances of SCP-1348-1 lacks the memetic effect of its previous incarnation.

Now the ritual isn't memetic any more. There are 5 times the ritual, but one of its main attributes isn't there anymore.

The veil in the center of SCP-1348-3 has been permanently opened, and was found empty except for a series of Amharic etchings on the inner side of the veil: "He had suffered enough, had carried the weight of the world upon his broken back for long enough, and now comes the end, to his beauty and to the world. Whatever that end may be, know that he is free, finally slumbering in oblivion's' embrace. His requiem will be sang until the unraveling. He deserves that much."

Ah, here we go, the good stuff. We can assume that this "he" that it's referring to is indicating SCP-001-05, since -12 is female, and -05's death caused 1348 to disappear.

Back into the test logs. This time he's being tested with 073.

You’ve been released from your binding.

SCP-073: Is that so? It’s been a very long time…

Apparently 073 has been binded all this time. But how so?

SCP-073: Well then, easy way to test it. If you would… [SCP-073 turns head, motioning to his cheek. SCP-001-11 nods, and slaps SCP-073. Action successfully makes contact. No counteraction recorded.]

Ah, there it is. It's revealed that SCP-073's secondary anomalous property, the ability to counteract any attack made against them no matter what, was the "binding" that "chained" 073.

SCP-073: So it is. Have you spoken with my brother yet?

SCP-001-11: No, not yet.

SCP-073: Ah. When you see him, tell him that I am sorry.

SCP-073's brother is SCP-076-2, the very powerful superhuman that always breaches containment.

And speaking of his brother, the next and final testing log is about 073-2.

[SCP-001-11 enters SCP-076’s containment chamber, with instructions to wait until SCP-076-2 manifests. After sixty-three minutes, SCP-076-2 emerges from SCP-076-1. Upon seeing SCP-001-11, SCP-076-2 was overcome by a fit of hysterical laughter and crying for approximately thirty minutes.]

Upon seeing -11, 076 not only laughs, nor cries, but hysterically laughs AND cries…. for thirty minutes,

SCP-076-2: Has he forgiven me?

SCP-001-11: He has.

Closing Statement: SCP-076-2 currently demonstrates no anomalous properties or violent behavior and has been reclassified as SCP-076-2-N.

Ah. So, it is revealed that 076's binding was the raging superhuman abilities, and that to break it, he needed forgiveness from his brother. Somewhat similar to the biblical story of Cain and Abel.

Part 7: The friends we made along the way.