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Item #: SCP-3694
Object Class:
Containment: SCP-3694 is to be contained at Site-██ in a case made out of the glass SCP-3694-1 is made of. If for any reason SCP-3694 needs to be moved, SCP-3694-1, or any copies of it, must be equipped by all personnel involved in carrying it. Any personnel handling or viewing of media involving SCP-3694 must also wear a copy of SCP-3694-1. After seven days of research or guard duty at Site-██ must be removed, and any unusual behavior must be reported to the on-site medic. All personnel who have worked at Site-██ must attend a mandatory psyche test, no matter how long they were working with SCP-3694. Any physical injuries that may appear on your body that you do not have any knowledge of must also be reported to the on-site medic. Do not attempt to touch these injuries, even if they do not resemble any symbolism related to SCP-3694.
Description: SCP-3694 is akin to a 1940s era Nazi eagle standard with a ‘Black Sun’ symbol in place of where the standard swastika would be. (The Black Sun is well known in occult circles as a Germanic-pagan design and has been also been associated with the Third Reich). SCP-3694 seems to be invulnerable to any form of denting or physical damage after being dropped. In fact, SCP-3964 maintains a constant temperature of -2ºC with an untarnished surface.
Another anomalous property of SCP-3694 appears to render anybody who gazes at it to go into a trance. This includes seeing SCP-3694 in mirrors, camera feeds and photos. (This effect does not work on animals or unconscious humans with their eyes open)
Subjects affected by SCP-3694 will only follow the orders of whoever was holding the standard when the subject saw it. (If no one was holding the standard when someone looks at it, afflicted individuals will attempt to remove it to a German pagan burial site near [DATA EXPUNGED]).
If no orders are given or being executed, affected subjects will seek out unaffected individuals (Excluding their 'standard bearer') and show them SCP-3694, or if that is impossible, kill them. If they are left alone for long enough they will search for nourishment and shelter and will sleep if tired, before resuming its normal behavior patterns. Affected subjects can also carry out complex tasks when told to by their standard bearer, including the setting of a dinner table, the assembly of an AK-47 and the folding of an origami crane. No test subjects were able to complete these tasks before being exposed to SCP-3694. SCP-3694’s effect will remain steadfast until the affected subject perishes.
Some reports say that SCP-3694 was used in 19██ by SS Oberfuhrer ██████ in the now abandoned German village of [DATA EXPUNGED]. Local fables say SCP-3694 put everyone under a curse and were sent to the nearby pagan burial site to be part of a sacrifice to the ‘Black Sun’. It is also speculated that SS Oberfuhrer ██████ was part of the supposed SS Occult Division, but there is no evidence to show if SS Oberfuhrer ██████ was part of it or if there was even an SS Occult Divion.
SCP-3694-1 are a pair of spectacles with dark lenses. The mind-altering effects of SCP-3694 are nullified when viewing it with SCP-3694-1. Using the instructions found at where SCP-3694-1 was found, we were able to create new instances of SCP-3694-1 using [REDACTED]. How the materials used to make SCP-3694-1 give it those anomalous properties is unknown.
SCP-3694 and SCP-3694-1 were recovered in a police raid from a house in Argentina, in the town of [DATA EXPUNGED] inside a hidden room, along with 2,000,000 USD worth of Nazi memorabilia. The supposed owner of the house and antiques was found dead, having taken his own life with an original 1944 Luger semi-auto pistol. The details of why he did this are yet to be seen.
While all of the other items were found to be non-anomalous, SCP-3694 was said to have made all policemen involved with the raid delusional, with all seventeen policemen then took a private plane to Germany where they brought the standard to a pagan burial ground near [REDACTED] Castle.
The policemen were then promptly tracked down by Mobile Task Force ██-█ and terminated. Agent [REDACTED] was also driven insane and tried to carry out some kind of ritual with the body of one of the Argentinian policemen at the burial site. After several hours, foundation agents secured SCP-3694-1 and using instructions also found in the stash back in Argentina, and were able to terminate Agent [REDACTED] and recover SCP-3694. However, during transit several other agents caught glimpses of SCP-3694 and had to be terminated.
It is also advised to not look at SCP-3694 for too long, even with SCP-3694-1 on. Many researchers working on SPC-3694 have reported nausea and vague visions and hallucinations regarding the Third Reich and pagan symbolism.
The burial site associated with SCP-3694 has been dated to have been around since ██ BC. While it does not appear to have any anomalous properties at first, any people leaving it have found themselves in many unfortunate situations for unrelated reasons at least two weeks of leaving it. Many have received broken limbs, divorce, and financial debt.

Addendum-01: Doctor ██████ reported feeling ill after two weeks of researching SCP-3694. Two days later, he was found dead in his room, having lost a fatal amount of blood. An autopsy showed his body covered in Black Sun shaped cuts. (The Black Suns that appeared on his skin have a high acidic content and had melted a hole in a medic’s latex glove. Further analysis of the wounds and the acidic compound in them is underway).

Addendum-02: Doctor Weichelbraun claims to have had a conversation with SS Oberfuhrer ██████ after five weeks from leaving the team working on SCP-3694. She recorded the following conversation:

It is at this point that Doctor Weichelbraun claims SS Oberfuhrer ██████ ‘left’.
To confirm Doctor Weichelbraun’s story, agents at the burial site excavated the earth underneath the landslide from 19██, where several semi-preserved corpses were found. Two other instances of SCP-3694-1 were found and recovered along with the assumed bodies of SS Oberfuhrer ██████ and his other SS aide.
No other personnel working on SCP-3694 have reported any conversations or any other interactions with SS Oberfuhrer ██████, but many have seen a middle aged man in an SS uniform in their peripheral vision and even making appearances in their dreams, but never with any interaction with him.
Whether SS Oberfuhrer ██████ is a projection made by SCP-3694 or is an outside entity is unknown. All Foundation personnel are to report any and all conversations or unusual behavior that they see SS Oberfuhrer ██████ make in their dreams or hallucinations.
Addendum-03: On ██/██/██, the Site-██ archives were hacked into and several photos of SCP-3694 were stolen. After tracing the IP back to an abandoned house near Site-██ Mobile Task Force ██-█ were able to terminate the perpetrator. After the body was recovered, the hacker had several ‘Black Sun’ symbols appear on his skin (Much like Doctor ██████ (See Addendum-01)). It is assumed that the subject was going to leak the photos of SCP-3694 and attempt to cause worldwide chaos.
Addendum-04: "If any more researchers or other personnel start a weird occult obsession and start hanging up political posters, you will be detained. The Foundation does not endorse any political view, no less that of Nazism, and anyone who is being vocal about theirs can also face disciplining. -Doctor Monty.