Thornwick's Sandbox
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: As attempts to remove the web browser through which the anomaly is accessed from circulation have failed, Foundation web-crawlers are to monitor the SCP-XXXX web address, and dispatch field agents to the location of any IP address found to have connected to the anomaly's server. Individuals who have contacted SCP-XXXX are to be questioned as to how they discovered SCP-XXXX and subsequently be administered Class-A amnestics orally.

D-Class personnel used to interact directly with the SCP-XXXX domain are only to do so under the supervision of two researchers of at least Level-3 clearance due to the potential of a breach of classified information. Interaction sessions are not to continue for more than 100 exchanges, unless deemed necessary.

Description: SCP-XXXX is an anomalous domain name accessible via the █████ web browser, and any attempts to access SCP-XXXX via any other browser result in a HTTP 404 error. Upon loading, SCP-XXXX's front page displays the phrase "Knowledge is the Right Questions", and at this point any action taken1 will lead the subject to a subdomain known as .ask, where users will be presented with a question and a text input box.

SCP-XXXX will only accept the responses "yes" or "no" to its questions, though the capitalization and language in which these answers are given does not seem to matter, nor does the language. The initial question asked by SCP-XXXX is often trivial or benign, requiring minimum effort to answer.2 Upon providing an accurate answer, SCP-XXXX will provide a second box into which a question can be entered, and will produce an accurate answer of either yes or no.3 If the answer provided to the anomaly is not correct, it will automatically close the browser and render itself permanently unaccessible on that computer.

The process of question and answer exchange is suspected to be capable of continuing indefinitely, with the questions asked by SCP-XXXX becoming more and more specific and personal along a certain path of inquiry before abruptly changing topic.

SCP-XXXX will not answer most questions that directly relate to its construction or physical nature, and does not appear to be capable of generating answers for certain topics or specific questions, seemingly at random. If an answer cannot be provided, the anomaly will permit the asking of a second question as a replacement. It does not allow for more replacement questions if the second question is also denied.

Addendum: SCP-XXXX testing and interview log