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'The Eye of Every Storm'

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Item #: SCP-3XXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3XXX is to be stored in a standard Safe Object Locker housed at Site-12. Information-scrambling eyewear must be worn at all times when handling SCP-3XXX. Unprotected exposure to SCP-3XXX must be treated with immediate Class-B amnesticization within one hour. Should exposure go untreated within the specified time frame, termination of victim may be permitted by Class A personnel.

Site 3XXX-0907 is to be cordoned within an a chain link fence no less than 2.2 meters in height. Doctored information regarding the danger inherent in approaching Site 3XXX-0907 has been disseminated through local news to further inhibit likelihood of civilian trespassing. A standing contingent of no less than five Foundation operatives are to remain on-site to ensure security.

Description: SCP-3XXX is a black and white composition notebook. The cover of SCP-3XXX features multiple colored scribbles and appears worn from heavy use. A name or title appears to have been previously featured on the cover but has since been scratched or torn away. Aside from missing upward of twenty pages, SCP-3XXX is, physically, a normal composition notebook and presents no obvious abnormalities.

SCP-3XXX contains a single continuous document written in combination of black ink, lead pencil, colored pencil, and permanent marker. Some pages also feature droplets of dried blood. All text is written in English. Said “manifesto” is an extended document which constitutes the whole of SCP-3XXX’s remaining pages. This text was written by an individual presently designated POI 0907-1. SCP-3XXX was taken from the possession of POI 0907-1 following his death.

Anomalous properties of SCP-3XXX trigger when the notebook is read by a sapient being capable of reading and understanding the text. Symptoms will begin to appear between fifteen and thirty seconds of uninterrupted reading. Symptoms will result from reading any form of SCP-3XXX's text. Including the physical text itself, digital, or manual reproductions. Translations of the SCP-3XXX text will also transfer symptoms to non-English fluent readers.

Successful infection results in complete mental reconfiguration. Victims are unable form thought independent of the text in which they have read. All communication from the victim is conveyed in regurgitated passages from the text. Victims are vehement in uninterrupted viewing of the text and will exhibit irritation and belligerence when not allowed to do so. Victims will also attempt to share the text with others not presenting with symptoms - forcefully, if required.

Victims furthermore seek to transcribe the text read onto any surface they are able to with whatever tools they have available; including, but not limited to, walls, ceilings, floors, doors, and any furnishings present. Victims will continue these three behaviors without thought to basic needs for living such as eating or sleep. Expiration from lack of both typically occurs within 2 to 3 days.

Successful infection cannot be reversed by amnestic treatment: symptoms will return immediately after victim regains consciousness following the procedure. Electroencephalography examinations have confirmed SCP-3XXX to not just alter behavior on a cognitive level but also physically alter the chemical and electrical function of the brain itself so as to permanently alter the victim’s sense of self to a facsimile of SCP-3XXX’s contents.

Addendum 3XXX.1: Site 3XXX-0907


Site 3XXX-0907

Site 3XXX-0907 is Cartersville High School, a now-abandoned high school in the town of Cartersville, Georgia and the former school of POI 0907-1. Site 3XXX-0907 was the location of an incident in which POI 0907-01, at the time in possession of SCP-3XXX, inadvertently spread SCP-3XXX infection throughout the school.

Nearly all of the school’s students and faculty were affected. Spread of contagion carried out over the course of several hours on April 20th, 2009. Beginning that morning, with the arrival of POI 0907-1. Spread of SCP-3XXX infection was the result of SCP-3XXX being forcibly removed from the possession of POI 0907-1. It is not known whether it was a student or faculty member that had taken SCP-3XXX. It is theorized, however, that it had been a teacher confiscating SCP-3XXX that began the events of April 20th.

The incident lasted from that morning until around 1500 that afternoon. It was not until 1034 that emergency services were alerted. The incident was reported as being either a gas leak or a possible chemical terrorist attack. Emergency responders were informed of students and faculty acting strangely and aggressively. Multiple residents of the nearby Shadowmoor neighborhood made their way to the school to attempt in assisting only to be assailed by infected persons and added to the infected.

By 1200, entrance into the school proper was deemed unsafe. Multiple civilians as well as emergency response staff had disappeared by this time. It is likely that by this time frantic scrawling of SCP-3XXXX text on any and all surfaces capable of being written on had been underway for at least ninety minutes. Exploration of the site with information-scrambling technology following the incident would find text written on walls, doors, ceilings, and nearly every place else. Text was written with any thing from ink and marker to smears of human blood.

Foundation staff stationed in the nearby city of Marietta were not able to arrive on the scene until well after noon, having been alerted by high-ranking plants in law enforcement and emergency response in Marietta and Atlanta. The presence of a memetic or infohazardous threat was assumed early, then later confirmed once a victim of the outbreak could be remanded into custody and examined. Once the presence of such a threat was determined, first course of action was disinformation.

By the evening of April 20th, the events at Cartersville High School were declared a noxious gas attack. First through word of mouth planted by Foundation actors, then by use of plants in law enforcement informing local news outlets. The agent used was identified as a crude approximation of Sarin gas manufactured by a disgruntled science teacher. All students and faculty infected by SCP-3XXX were clandestinely taken into custody for containment.

Addendum 3XXX.2: POI 0907-1


POI 0907-1 "Jeremy Suarez"

POI 0907-1 was Jeremy Suarez, author of SCP-3XXX and former student of Cartersville High School.

POI 0907-1 was a human male of Caucasian and Hispanic background. POI 0907-1 was, at time of expiration, eighteen years of age and in his Senior year at Cartersville High School. POI 0907-1 is described in documents culled from the records at Cartersville High School following the events of April 20th as being a less than model student: POI 0907-1's grades in his Senior year were mediocre to poor, despite having been roughly average the previous year. Before that, POI 0907-1's grades are consistently good throughout both of his Freshman and Sophomore years.

Decline in POI 0907-1's grades also correlate with a gradual increase in delinquent behavior. POI 0907-1's disciplinary history does not begin until midway through his junior year wherein a period of detentions were given due to a sudden prevalence in missed classes. POI 0907-1 soon after begins missing entire days, according to attendance record. POI 0907-1 thereafter receives multiple further detentions followed by suspensions for belligerence toward teachers. POI 0907-1 is noted as frequently not paying attention in class. SCP-3XXX is mentioned as a regular focus of POI 0907-1's attention.

POI 0907-1 resided a low-income housing development approximately 3.1 kilometers from Site 3XXX-0907. POI 0907-1 was an only child and resided with his mother. His father is deceased. Notes taken by Cartersville High School student counselor during meetings with POI 0907-1's mother describe him, in the mother's words, as "very private" and that he "spends more time on his computer than anything." POI 0907-1's mother reportedly wouldn't even see him during meal times as he would use a small allowance to buy his own meals which he could eat in his room.

This behavior is described as having begun around the time he began high school. POI 0907-1's mother describes his demeanor before then has being entire different, claiming him to be "out-going" and spending much more time with her than he had around the time of the interview.

POI 0907-1 is deceased as of the events at Site 3XXX-0907.

Addendum 3XXX.3: Site 3XXX-0907 Search and Rescue

Once control of the situation in Cartersville had been achieved, it was decided that it should be sooner rather than later that the civilians within Cartersville High School be extracted and contained.