Tiam Kara PART 2

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Item #: SCP-3XXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the volatility of SCP-3XXX's properties as well as the unlikelihood of cooperation, they are to be kept in sedation at the Humanoid Anomaly Research facility at Site-34. SCP-3XXX's housing must be cleared of all unnecessary furnishings.

Active SCP-3XXX-a entities are to be restrained until inert. Inert SCP-3XXX-a entities are to be stored in a standard Large Object Containment Crate. This crate is to be wired with close-circuit video surveillance. Should an inert SCP-3XXX-a entity become active again, it is to be immediately transferred to the Humanoid Anomaly Research facility.

Description: SCP-3XXX is Stephanie Haas, a human female capable of animating and commanding otherwise inanimate objects. SCP-3XXX is 1.8m tall and weights 56.5 kg. SCP-3XXX displays traits consistent with borderline personality or bipolar disorder including difficulty regulating emotion, irritability, and impulsivity. A connection between these traits and SCP-3XXX's anomalous quality are assumed likely.

To animate an object, SCP-3XXX must initiate physical contact with the item in question. SCP-3XXX is believed to be able to control when their touch does or does not animate an object. Persistence of animations requires SCP-3XXX to be conscious, although unconsciousness must be induced and not voluntary (sleep) to stop animation. Animated objects gain any malleability of material and construction needed to move around.

Although animated objects are subservient to SCP-3XXX and obey all of their commands, individual behavior of animated objects is entirely dependent on their construction. For instance, an object meant to stand on four legs or feet may display doglike behaviors such as jumping into a sitting person's lap whereas a humanoid model will display more human-like qualities such as operating an appliance.

SCP-3XXX-a consists of three mannequins. SCP-3XXX-a average 2m tall and are constructed primarily out of fiberglass. SCP-3XXX-a wear commonly found human clothing but without tags and other product branding removed. SCP-3XXX-a do not respond to commands or pain stimulus. SCP-3XXX-a can withstand heavy physical damage before ceasing action. Small arms fire is essentially ineffective but can slow progress. The most effective means of stopping SCP-3XXX-a is blunt force directed at weak points such as joints.

Incident: Investigation into SCP-3XXX began following an event involving the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

Investigation: Foundation officials were not able to respond to the situation in Las Vegas until that evening. Three of the four entities were able to be contained. A disinformation campaign was distributed immediately via local news media identifying the instances of SCP-3XXX present as masked assailants with ties to local street gangs. Officers responding to the situation (with the exception of Officers Dillashaw and Burns) were given Class C amnestics and memory-altering suggestion via debrief.

Officer Dillashaw's recovery is being closely monitored to prevent information leak as cranial injuries sustained preclude the safe use of amnestics. Officer Burns, like Officer Dillashaw, was not eligible for amnesticization immediately following the incident due to likelihood of cranial trauma but was cleared within 72 hours. This opportunity was utilized by Dr. Lethbridge to gain insight into what he had experienced.

Through Officer Burns, Dr. Lethbridge was able to ascertain information on Stephanie Haas (SCP-3XXX), a former employer of Amy Daniels. Haas was notable for having been in contact with the LVMPD several times before and had been charged multiple times before for offences ranging from vandalism to aggravated assault. Information on Haas lead to discovery of a clothing store in which they owned and operated. The following interview was conducted with Jeremiah Olson, a former employee, under the guise of a law enforcement investigation.

Intervention: Retrieval and containment of SCP-3XXX was handled by MTF Nu-3 ("Kicking and Screaming"), a team specializing in sensitive humanoid anomalies not requiring significant military support. Location of SCP-3XXX was achieved through combination of information taken from the Las Vegas Metro Police Department, Jeremiah Olson, and associated family members. The operation was held just after midnight on Nov 12 to minimize civilian witnesses. Although this would later turn out to have been in vain.