Tiamat Elsen's Sandbox

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: The city of Larsen Bay is to be inhabited by no fewer than two Foundation agents, who are to record and report their findings to Site 78 daily. Larsen Bay is to be monitored for disappearances, memory discrepancies and unexplained thefts. Agents are to constantly film their activities throughout the day and set up hidden cameras in busy parts of the city. If SCP-XXXX is detected its intended target is to be identified and monitored until SCP-XXXX is incapacitated or the hunting period ends as usual. If a disappearance is attributed to SCP-XXXX all documents and media acknowledging the victim’s existence are to be amended to expunge them from the historical record. No attempts are to be made by Foundation personnel to prevent the conclusion of a hunting phase.

SCP-XXXX cannot be contained with the resources currently available to The Foundation. Agents are not to seek out SCP-XXXX and are to limit their activities to record keeping and covering up the aftermath of hunting periods. Should an agent become targeted by SCP-XXXX they are to stay in Larsen Bay, avoid interacting with other persons and await their demanifestation. If needed, the agent may be restrained or confined to the cellar of the Larsen Bay Cannery (Salmon Cannery Products) - which has been commandeered by The Foundation - until they disappear.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a predatory, hostile entity inhabiting the area surrounding the city of Larsen Bay, Alaska. While controlled study and containment of SCP-XXXX has proven impossible, various details about its behaviour and appearance have been gathered from written accounts, recovered footage and forensic evidence.

  • SCP-XXXX is humanoid. Documentation consistently reports that SCP-XXXX resembles an emaciated androgynous figure with an indeterminate number of eyes on its head and hands.
  • SCP-XXXX is sapient. It will react to hostility by defending itself and has shown excellent problem solving skills; often operating complex locks and sabotaging vehicles in order to locate and immobilise its prey.
  • SCP-XXXX is incorporeal. While the entity is somewhat restricted by physical boundaries such as fences and walls it can often inexplicably make its way into sealed structures and buildings without an obvious method of doing so. It is visually indistinct and objects it interacts with turn transparent after prolonged exposure.
  • SCP-XXXX is predatory. It will appear between one and three times every winter and target a specific resident of the Larsen Bay area. SCP-XXXX prefers to attack juveniles and the ill but will never pursue armed adult humans.
  • SCP-XXXX is opportunistic and does not distinguish between prey. While SCP-XXXX will always have a specific target in mind when it begins hunting, it does not appear to discriminate between humans and other large game.

SCP-XXXX-2 refers to an antimemetic substance SCP-XXXX secretes when in proximity to its target or when it feels threatened. SCP-XXXX-2 is a thick gas which turns any body enshrouded in it to become invisible to the human eye, preventing the object in question from being observed. This effect does not extend to camera footage, allowing investigators to safely examine SCP-XXXX using photographic means.

SCP-XXXX is extremely persistent in hunting its prey and is undeterred by physical barriers. The only means of forcing it to disengage is by inflicting extensive damage to its body, after which it will instantly demanifest; producing a cloud of blue particulate. Recommended means of incapacitating SCP-XXXX include immolation, vehicular impact and sustained gunfire to the legs and torso. From its history of predation upon large game such as reindeer and caribou, it can also be inferred that SCP-XXXX can physically overwhelm even large animals and extremely athletic humans.

SCP-XXXX will respond to hostility by non-prey entities by charging at and making physical contact with its attacker, causing them to rapidly become transparent and eventually demanifest. Memories of the individual after the fact are erased but documents proving their existence will remain intact. Forcing SCP-XXXX to disengage will only delay the conclusion of the hunting phase. SCP-XXXX will usually resume its previous activities at a much greater frequency between two hours and three days after being forced to demanifest.

After three to five days SCP-XXXX will begin collecting items related to its intended target. In the case of human prey it will enter their homes and handle items they are familiar with such as pictures, items of clothing and accessories. These items will eventually become completely intangible and are completely wiped from the memory of the victim and other persons intimately familiar with them. If presented with evidence indicating the existence of these items individuals suffering from SCP-XXXX’s memory wiping effect will deny ever having seen or handled said objects.

If SCP-XXXX’s intended target has any close familial or interpersonal relationships SCP-XXXX will begin to target them at the six day mark, selectively wiping their memories of its prey and often vice versa. This is believed to be a means of isolating its target before the conclusion of the hunting phase. The subject will also become more difficult to notice and retain information about, often requiring them to draw attention to themselves in order to be acknowledged. As SCP-XXXX comes closer to finishing its hunt it becomes more visible to its target as well as any individuals close to them. Subjects will generally only begin sighting SCP-XXXX during the last two days of the hunting period.

After approximately ten days SCP-XXXX will approach its prey and attempt to make physical contact, upon which it and its target will both disappear. All memory of its prey, their possessions and objects erased during the hunting process are completely expunged from living memory during this process. Images, documents and illustrations will remain, and are the only indication that such individuals ever existed. While it is possible that said documents and items are retroactively falsified, the overwhelming quantity of evidence to the contrary has led to the current working theory that SCP-XXXX legitimately erases individuals and related items from existence.