Item #: 4984

Anomaly Class: Safe

Threat Level: Blue

Special Containment Procedure
SCP-4984 is to be kept in a windowless room containing a single door that serves as the entrance/exit. Inside the middle of the room is to be a single waist high, single leg table with one chair facing the door. In the middle of table is to rest SCP-4989. No personal with a security clearance less than Level 4 may enter SCP-4984's containment without strict permission from O5. Any testing is to be cleared by O5 before being allowed to proceed.

SCP-4989 is a standard one-hundred card deck box complete with dice holder from █████ ███. When opened the space that contains the cards is completely empty. The same applies to its dice holder. SCP-4984's anomalous properties do not manifest unless the following is enacted:

1. Subject writes the name of something that they would like to have information on, or the name of a card from any game.

2. Subject (folds if necessary and) places the paper in the dice holder before placing the holder back where it was.

3. Subject waits an amount of time depending on what was written on the paper, before opening the card holder and retrieving what is inside.

Depending on what the user had written on the piece of paper has an effect on the outcome.

• If the name of a card(s) from a card game is written. The box will give the user the card in a mint condition.

• If a place, person, or object is written on the paper. The box will again produce a number of cards needed to give an extremely detailed report of the subject. The report of the place includes its: location, origin, population (if applicable), history, rulers, and devastation (again, if applicable). The report of the person includes: their birth, life, death (if applicable), any and every thought up to that point in time, any weaknesses that they may have, and what their current appearance is. The report of the object includes: its chemical composition, average size, shape, color, its uses, and how to produce or acquire the said object.

• If an idea/concept is written on the paper. [REDACTED]

• If an anything with a anomalous nature is written on the paper. [REDACTED]

The card that is produced in all cases aside from the playing card will have the dimensions of 64 x 89 mm. In all cases the paper has disappeared from the dice box. To this day, it is unknown where the paper has gone. No matter how many cards SCP-4984 provides, when placed in a stack, the stack will be no higher than one-hundred cards tall.

UPDATE Due to the information that SCP-4984 provides. Any individual without the proper security clearance that happens to look at the information is to be immediately given Class C amnestics, and be changed to a Class D personal.